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"There is also an edit of Sagat called "Cornflakes Sagat" by youtube user 'DonatedKibbles' that features cornflake cereal box projectiles, edited sounds and a win portrait with Sagat at a breakfast table. He also has the ability to manually charge energy. A public release has yet to be made. He is only available by request." -- This was originally posted on the main article page.

It doesn't belong and the truth is that this character will likely never be available. It also seems that 'DonatedKibbles' has removed his video of the character although at least two videos are still available by another user. However, the point was to request the character on his video page. In the description he specifically stated that viewers could request anything in that said video. (It may be possible to see proof of this using the waybackmachine, or some other method to search internet history) Therefore, it is likely that he is no longer even honoring requests if he still possesses a copy of the character.

I personally see this as a loss and wonder why people do this. He's not even a cheapie . . . .Oh well. Life goes on. You can't force someone to share.

MDF infin (talk) 04:20, June 15, 2014 (UTC)

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