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Artwork from Guilty Gear Isuka






Guilty Gear

A.B.A is a character from the Guilty Gear series, first appearing in Guilty Gear Isuka.

A.B.A is an artificial human created by a mysterious scientist. Her creator was taken by the military before she was complete, so when she awakened the doctor's mansion was deserted. She lived there alone for 10 years until she decided to go outside, tired of her solitude. It is then that she found a giant key-shaped axe, which she named Paracelsus. She fell in love with it, deciding to find a way of giving it his own artificial body.

In M.U.G.E.N, A.B.A has been made by Muteki.



She acts as a gimmick character, in that she starts out particularly weak with very few powerful ranged options. In order to use her properly, you need to use one of two attacks. One attack will have A.B.A. using a chain to attack, then sticking her key into the opponent to draw power. The key will change form. You can also simply change the key, however, while in her more powerful mode, her life drains. Furthermore, do you manage to deal some carnage in this form and revert back to normal form before your time runs out, you gain all your lost life back.

Unlike Muteki's other characters, A.B.A. does not have a custom AI.

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