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ADOM as he appears in Spat869's "Snickers Comic"



Oldest version

Daniel9999999's version (2013)

Newest version

MattTheBiscuit's second version (2015)



ADOM (also known by the aliases of Borni Man, Borni King and ADOM the Borni) is an original character created by Coockie900 (now known as Dummycorps) as a parody of Spat856, depicted as a fat, angry and aggressive man who is overly obsessed with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and tends to shout a lot.

ADOM was once the owner of his own company, BMT (Borni Men Teem) inc., until it lost all its money in a game of clop till you drop, apparently because ADOM was sick that day. He is stated to be a clopper, a type of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan described as being way too obsessive about the show, and who embraces My Little Pony Rule 34. He commonly "bans" people just because he dislikes them, though what he bans them from is unknown. His common mode of transport is a swivel chair complete with wheels and a steering wheel.

In M.U.G.E.N, ADOM had originally been made by Daniel9999999 under the name of "Adam the Adom", though another version was released later that same year by MattTheBiscuit, which was subsequently remade in 2015. All versions use custom sprites made by ADOM's original creator, Coockie900, as well as pony-themed attacks, though both of MattTheBiscuit's versions also use moves inspired by those from ClayFighter 63⅓. MattTheBiscuit's versions are more accurate to ADOM as a character, while Daniel9999999's version seems more like a direct mockery of Spat856.

Daniel9999999's version


Perhaps not the ADOM you're looking for, this version is more of a direct mockery of Spat856, as opposed to being based on ADOM's antics in the various webcomics. He is quite a vulgar character, involving the consumption of "hot pony milk", implied rape and a strange device that supposedly physically abuses male genitalia.


MattTheBiscuit's first version


The true Borni King, ADOM has a gameplay befitting of such a title; he is quite combo heavy, and features many assets inspired by ClayFighter 63⅓, such as audio clips and attacks, though he also contains unique elements only the strongest clopper would have, inspired by the ADOM webcomics.


MattTheBiscuit's second version


The Borni King is back for a second helping, though this time he has trimmed the fat a little (not literally, ADOM's still as big as ever); ADOM doesn't quite have the expansive moveset he once had and his comboability on the ground has been reduced, but he now has new moves and abilities at his disposal, as well as different properties for some of his Normals.