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Agent Venom during the Circle Of Four storyline



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Logansam's version (2016)

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Logansam's version (2016)



Eugene "Flash" Thompson (better known by his superhero alias of Agent Venom) is a comic book character from the Marvel universe. Flash himself has appeared as a supporting character in the Spider-Man books ever since Amazing Fantasy #15, but he did not become Agent Venom until Venom #1 in 2011.

Flash Thompson lost his legs in the Iraq war, causing him to turn to alcoholism and shun his girlfriend Betty Brant. With nothing else to turn to, he decided to be a guinea pig in a government project involving experimenting with the infamous symbiote suit that Eddie Brock once wore. With the suit, the once crippled Flash could walk like anyone else, and have it morph into weapons and shoot organic webbing like the previous host. Thanks to his previous training in the military, he also has the benefit of having fire-arm and hand-to-hand training. The suit has a mind of its own, and if he doesn't keep himself calm, he could lose control of the parasite, harm innocent civilians and kill hostages.

In M.U.G.E.N, Agent Venom has been created once by Logansam.

Logansam's version


A highly anticipated release at MugenMultiverse's 2016 birthday event, Agent Venom comes with a lot of Marvel vs. Capcom-esque mechanics you would expect from a lot of superhero M.U.G.E.N characters. While custom sprited, it suffers from a number of gameplay issues that makes it difficult to use.

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