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Andrés Borghi

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Andrés Borghi's version (2009)

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Andrés Borghi's version (2009)


The Black Heart

Animus is one of the main characters from the M.U.G.E.N game, The Black Heart. Animus is a creature who has been locked away inside an iron maiden for more than 400 years. When the maiden finally opened, an inner voice spoke to him telling him to go to Chaos and find a creature called Final. Animus since then has started his journey to learn about his identity and hunts answers to the many questions that have plagued him for so long. Animus himself has two unique abilities, the first is that he can switch genders, male or female, which changes his style of attack and is immune to death meaning he can use some attacks on himself if needed to hurt his enemies.

Andrés Borghi's version

Animus stand (male)Animus stand (female)

Added after all the other characters that starred in The Black Heart, Animus brings a unique and solid moveset that new players and veteran players alike can enjoy, with many combos, quick attacks and even a counter.

The Black Heart
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