Original Zero sends out Krizalid as an Assist

An Assist Character (sometimes known as a Striker) is a gameplay mechanic featured in several fighting games, beginning with Avengers in Galactic Storm. The mechanic later became a staple in several tag-team fighting games including The King of Fighters and the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

As the name implies, an Assist character is not a playable character, but is summoned to "assist" the playable character by appearing on-screen and performing their own attack independently of the player character; after using the assist, the character then disappears offscreen and usually enters a cooldown period before they can be summoned again. Some Assists perform the same move every time they are summoned, while others may have randomized movesets or tactical selection based on distance to opponent. Assist characters may or may not have their own Life values, but typically can be hit or interrupted by an opponent's attack just like the player character. Most games that feature assists as a universal mechanic allow for the player to select their assist character independently of their main character, with the intention being for the player to select the assist character that best covers their main character's weaknesses.

In most games that feature a tag system, such as Marvel vs Capcom 2, the nonactive characters on a player's team will also double as Assist characters as long as their Life values are above 0. In addition, these characters may also be able to perform one of their own Hypers alongside or immediately after the player character's Hyper attack at the cost of extra Power.

Characters with Assists

See: Characters with Assists

  • Iron Man by Gou-San
  • Magneto by Nobuyuki
  • Hayato by Nabeshin
  • Jill Valentine by Magus
  • Tron Bonne by LegendaryXM90
  • Onslaught by Xslaught
  • Galactus by Excursion
  • Cyborg Superman by Vladnesas
  • Original Zero
  • Zero Col by Zero Col
  • Krizalid by Chin-ya
  • Seth by Nyankoro
  • SpongeBob by Placemario (Madoldcrow1105's version also has strikers)
  • Zeroko by FenNes
  • Kaito by peg
  • Meer Campbell by NSX-R
  • Kagami Hiiragi by Yogoroneko
  • Barack Obama
  • Super Masao and Super Kouji by Karai
  • Dark Spongebob
  • Doraemon (Kaiemon version also has a striker at half health)
  • Some MvC accurate characters
  • Homer Simpson (Most versions)
  • Daniel (All versions)
  • Adam Amunderson (All versions)
  • Human Bo
  • Nobita Nobi (All versions)
  • Luigi (Pingurules's, mariotime's, and Camillo's)
  • Patrick Star (A few versions)
  • Y Kun (All versions)
  • Kunio (Some versions)
  • Pac-Man (Axel 1825 versions)
  • Princess Peach (Most versions)
  • Kamek by NeoKamek
  • Fat Albert by DDR