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Ayumu Kasuga
Artwork from Azumanga Daioh






Azumanga Daioh

Ayumu Kasuga is a transfer student from Osaka in the anime/manga series Azumanga Daioh. Expecting her to act like the stereotypical Osakan—loud, exuberant and fond of bawdy jokes, Tomo Takino chose for her the nickname "Osaka", although Ayumu's behavior could not be more different. Ayumu considers herself "slow" and "spacey" - but she lacks the energy or motivation to dispute it. The nickname sticks so well she is called "Osaka" by teachers and even in the class roster, to the point that no one even remembers her real name (very similar to Koyomi Mizuhara's case). In the manga, Osaka mentions that she lived in Kobe when she was in elementary school and was born in Wakayama.

In M.U.G.E.N, Ayumu was created by shimon, who is also responsible for the creation of Koyomi Mizuhara, Chiyo Mihama, and the first version of Minamo Kurosawa.


Much like all the other AD characters, Ayumu's gameplay is identical to that in AzuFight, a downloadable PC game. Her AI makes the most effort out of all of shimon's AD characters towards the opponent. She'll guard well ahead of time, make some deadly combos, and execute her supers when the opponent drops his/her guard. Unfortunately, she exploits her projectiles and some guard-breaking attacks of hers a bit too often, making her AI quite spammy and difficult to deal with.