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Zobbes Zobbes 26 September

MUGENWAVE Screenpack

Hi! Been a while since I've used this site.

I've mostly been posting my updates and such on Deviantart and Youtube, but I haven't really heard too much. Figured I go to a more mugen based site to share my work.

I've been working on a screenpack called MUGENWAVE, and it's been a massive undertaking for the past couple or so months. It's been fun learning through the process and all to get something good.

As of right now, the screenpack is almost done. (I mean, it technically is, save for a few errors here and there that I'm still figuring out) and all that's left is making a nice looking custom lifebar for the screenpack.

Hope it looks interesting to you guys! Looking forward to finally release the screenpack hopefully soon!

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SkylarTheAngelFox SkylarTheAngelFox 22 September

Characters Need Articles




Dot Warner






Invader Zim


Sandy Cheeks

Ran Yakumo

Toyosatomimi no Miko

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SuperFromND SuperFromND 21 July

Cool Regex Stuff

Hiya! I've been doing a lot of messing around with regular expressions lately, as part of a rewrite of the IKEMEN GO Movelist.dat Generator, and I thought just for the heck of it to make a few to assist with editing here on the MUGEN Database. Enjoy!

  • 1 What's that?
  • 2 How do I use them on the MDB?
  • 3 Expressions
    • 3.1 Nowiki Tags

If you've written text on computers for any substantial amount of time, chances are you're familiar with the Ctrl-F shortcut. The shortcut opens a small menu which can be used to search a document for a specific word or phrase. This is extremely useful, as it can be used for a ton of purposes such as counting how many times a word is used, or quickly skimming a massive document to find the relevant information you want with…

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Enigima Enigima 30 May

Fighter Factory 3 Palette Help

Hello! I'm fairly new to making M.U.G.E.N. characters, and this is the first character I am really planning on making. However, their is one problem I'm facing and I can't quite seem to find a fix for it, yet. I've tried countless times to try and make the pink background on my sprite transparent, even when I indexed the palette as you can see here:

However, for some reason, it makes half of my character transparent and gives him a black background as you can see here:

I've tried numerous different things to try and fix this issue, but nothing works. If you know how to fix this, PLEASE let me know because this is driving me up a wall. Thanks in advance!

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SuperFromND SuperFromND 21 May

Hello, World!

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Miguel Esponja Miguel Esponja 4 May

My Character Sprites

These are all the Sprites I made for M.U.G.E.N

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KellNox KellNox 21 February

Steven Universe demo (should I keep working on this

I made some Steven Universe sprites out of boredom and I thought it would be cool if I put them in mugen... So far I've only made a intro, standing, punching and damage animations, but it would be fun to work on the rest of the char!

Sadly, I am not the best at coding, so I would need help with that... Would you guys like to see this version of Steven in mugen?

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KellNox KellNox 30 January

Redraw of my first sprite...

Its been almost 10 years since I created Finn's char for MUGEN... It was a complete mess! and now, boredom has led me to redraw his sprites! Its great to see what ten years of practice can do to someone...

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SakataLouis SakataLouis 14 August 2020

Help with palette coloring

Hi, i want to paint Kyoko Habana's hair, but that makes me paint her skin too.

i wanted to know if there's a way to pain her hair without painting her skin.

any help will be heavily appreciated.

also, sorry for the bad english, i'm not that good at english, since it's not my main language

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RAWRxd134 RAWRxd134 1 July 2020

Mind if i could join the Discord server?

All links were expired.

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Josias03031 Josias03031 24 March 2020

That's of the Brand New Character's with Hilda Burg from Cuphead Mugen with 1.1 for the Updating..

It's for Updating with Hilda Burg to Mugen for the Battle. 

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SkorChen SkorChen 8 February 2020

I want to download Skarlet V2 for my Mugen

So, I went into Mugen Archive to see if I could download it but the site doesn't allow me to download anything since they say: "You have to be an active user" which is complete bullcrap.

I decided to come here to see if anyone that has Skarlet V2 can pass a link to that char download. Please, I just want to have Skarlet on my mugen

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Carlton Banks1 Carlton Banks1 11 January 2020

Does anyone have the Freddie Mercury file?

I really want to play as him, but I can’t find a fixed file, MUGEN Archive is thw only one it doesn’t work for me for some reason

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Cientific124 Cientific124 29 November 2019

How can I do this type of palette?

Hello people,

This is my first post here. I want to know how to make this specific type of palette:

It's like a The_None image style palette. I don't know but I really like this type of palette. I want to put a bit of fun images with this palette to my char, but I don't know what program makes this palette up. Any help wil be greeted.

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GreenMetalThing GreenMetalThing 9 November 2019

characters that need articles in my opinion

Cancellation was hit here. This is NOT getting updated. I have all these planned.

  • Bonkers
  • Big Chungus
  • Snoopy
  • Barney
  • Toucan Sam
  • Charlie the Tuna
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Richardgamerxx Richardgamerxx 1 October 2019



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Richardgamerxx Richardgamerxx 31 August 2019

my first blog post


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SyrusDrayton682 SyrusDrayton682 24 August 2019



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WF4123 WF4123 6 August 2019

Slot Machine MKII not Working on M.U.G.E.N 1.0 and 1.1.

Well, we have problem from Slot Machine MKII.

Slot Machine MKII is not Working On M.U.G.E.N 1.0 and 1.1. It only works on Winmugen.

So, If You Wanna Download, Go Fix It.

Thanks And Good luck.

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SmashingstarGamer SmashingstarGamer 25 June 2019

A more reasonable Category

I asked LenMaster about how a Pokken Tournament category would work, like it'd just be the Fighter Pokemon and the Support Pokemon in the category. just something that I thought of yesterday or the day before so i thought i'd ask about it.

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Ranger Qwerty Ranger Qwerty 3 May 2019

MUGEN Archive Community Weekend Event Mini-Rant

The MUGEN Archive thought we would come together as a community if they took downloading privileges away from everyone (Including people who just registered) and banning anybody who criticizes them for this. 

Spoiler alert MUGEN Archive, It doesn't! It's just you being unnecessarily cruel to people who just wanna drop by to download a character or 2 and showing that you can't take criticism by banning anyone who calls you out.

None of the "Lurkers" are going to participate in your stupid event under the threat of not being able to download anything.

M.U.G.E.N is a fighting game engine, not a breeding ground for SJW Propaganda.

I know I'm not the only one who's annoyed, so here's a MUGEN Download site that isn't run by Social Justice Warriors:


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Mr.gameandfight Mr.gameandfight 7 April 2019

Welp MUGEN Archive has become one of the worst mugen sites

I wake up to download a few characters for a ristar game that I was playing and all of a sudden when I reach the Mugen archive site apparently there is a "Community Weekend" event going on. 

Community Weekend is literally the most annoying thing I have ever encountered with this site. It basically kicks Inactive users in the nuts and unregistered users in much much harder as you can't download anything unless you have been "Active". Yes it is a temporary thing but for the most part it is a completely unnecessary and ridiculous to have especially for a website that mirrors and stores downloads that couldn't be found any where else.

That's like going up to McDonalds after a month and you can't get a Quarter Pounder Meal and a Hi-C because you …

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KellNox KellNox 31 January 2019

Steven Universe sprites

Hey, I was pretty bored yesterday so I decided to make some random sprites for Steven Universe, the problem is...

I have no ideia of how to program characters for MUGEN lol

So if anyone is interested in helping me with this, feel free to comment... anyway, here is Steven

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SigmaHero045 SigmaHero045 16 December 2018

How to figure out in FighterFactory the actions needed to make the moves

Hi everyone left on the Database

As you may know i'm working on the CS x TBM's version of Greninja article and...i've got quite a problem. The character moveset is quite hard to be figured out. What triggers the attacks in particular is quite messy and as you know approximations cannot stand in a trustworthy wiki (is it a 180 degree to the right? A zig-zag to the left? A down+quarter to the right and the x button at the same time?. And since i'm not a MUGEN character creator, i have some difficulties finding it in the file using Fighter Factory. Does anyone have tips or something to help me figure out all the specials and hypers, the actions needed to execute them, the effects it makes, how many power, what sprites are used etc.

Thank you in…

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Glitch56 Glitch56 8 December 2018



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Sharaku Jr. Sharaku Jr. 9 November 2018

Goku Z2

Someone should update Z2 Goku. Just thought i should let you guys know.

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Geshtro Geshtro 1 July 2018

Mugen Character Idea dumps I have.

These ideas I post here aren't projects I'm actively pursuing. I’m just giving my little ideas here and there about characters I’d want in Mugen and how I think they’d possibly work. That’s literally all they’d be. If an idea strikes your possible interest, I mean, good for you? I can’t actively do anything to help other than give ideas and do sound design at best.

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Zingan Nice Zingan Nice 29 June 2018

Pakdam Pakdai Characters Join the Battle! from n00b12

n00b12's assisting people to make the Pakdam Pakdai Character Sprite Sheets.

" So if you can, Please do not forget about:

Standing, Crouching, and Air.
Light Punch
Medium Punch
Strong Punch
Light Kick
Medium Kick
Strong Kick
Walking Foward and Backward
Running Foward and Backward
Being Hit."  (n00b12 Jun 26, 2018)

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Khalid-2018-2 Khalid-2018-2 14 June 2018


Coocalt is an new characters

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LilyBreez LilyBreez 24 April 2018

A website for MUGEN stuff yaayyy

Here's this poorly-formatted mess, where you can download the characters I've made, old and new!

Well... Not the "new" yet. We're getting there, though! It's just the wonky old stuff for now!

You can also view the progress of any current W.I.Ps, and they'll be available there as soon as they're done

Enjoy, I suppose :P

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 14 April 2018

My Imagination - Yang Yongxin

Yang Yongxin is the head of his 1984-like Linyi Internet addiction abstinence Center and Special subsidy expert of the government of the State Council. He also appears in Dead by Daylight.

He is infamous for his electroshock therapy to treat network addiction (or currently, punish anyone who does not obey his strict rules and force them to realize their mistake) and centralized management (he sets up the "Students' Commitee" and "Parents' Commitee" to help him punish people and illigally catch someone who escapes). The purpose of the cure is to turn anyone into obeying any rules so that their parents can easily control broken people. Although he and his center is criticized because of inhumanity, the center get official media's praise.

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KellNox KellNox 11 April 2018

First character... what do you think of him?

Well, I used to enjoy MUGEN a lot when I was younger, and I even created some characters for it, but.... well, they were terrible in every single way.

I used to make ugly spriteswaps of the "Poisonberry" character such as the first Mordecai or Finn the Human... and now that I am older and less childish, I realize that they are just horrible... but at least I learned something from them...

So, now I am trying to make my first good character ever ^^

This is Kell Nox, he is a Original Character of mine and also the main protagonist of the webcomic I am creating!

So... let me know what you guys think of the character and maybe give me some tips if you want...

I am drawing every sprite and animating fr…

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Emandsam Emandsam 9 March 2018

does someone have the link to this stickman on this website

i tryed to find him but there were no good links all of them were probably games

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Emandsam Emandsam 3 March 2018

I am going to make myself for mugen

hope its great

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 3 March 2018

My Imagination - Pan Meng

Pan Meng is the main protagonist of Xiao Tan Xue Xiao and Zhong Shen Xue Xiao made by RPG Maker XP as a self character. He also appears in novel Feng Kuang Xue Xiao (lit. Crazy School) He is a student in Dikoulu Senior High School and one of the school bullies force leaders.

In Xiao Tan Xue Xiao, he hates school especially after witnessing the class committee members brutally killing rebel students who are fighting against the New Education Outline's limiting students' free time. However, after his being expel by school because of wrongly accused of set fire to school, he thinks "Students' destination is only school." and fights for the rule instead.

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 1 March 2018

My Imagination - Na Ya

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ROBLOXNoob246 ROBLOXNoob246 23 February 2018

what im making

i will make lilac myself

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SigmaHero045 SigmaHero045 18 February 2018

Could the Mugen Database create a template tutorial (and other things)?

Hi everyone SigmaHero045 here

I was wandering, since i recently kicked up my participation rate in the wiki : How does the template work and can be created? Same for the categories. I mean that will make 3 to 4 years i read in this wiki and i NEVER ever saw a tutorial whatsoever about the subject, wich could be appreciated for begginers and people who aren't necesserelly good at editing at their first shot(even I was lucky that I'm resourceful enough to progress , step by step, in wikia creation). If it's here then it probably mean it's not that easy of access . It's not at all an insult to the wiki (wich i love by the way) but rather a constructive comment about how we could upgrade the wiki to make editing even more of an agreable task. M…

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 2 February 2018

My imagination - Starlight Glimmer

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 2 February 2018

My imagination - Wu Baogui

200px |Caption = Wu Baogui as he appear in Xiang Cun Jing Cha Gu Shi |Creator = |Old = |New = |Origin = Xiang Cun Jing Cha Gu Shi}} Wu Baogui (Nicknamed as Wu Laowai) is the one of the main protagonists of Live-Action TV series Xiang Cun Jing Cha Gu Shi broadcasted by CCTV (China Central Television). He is one of the members of the village committee in Xiaowanghai village and becomes the director of the village committee later.

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Mariogoods Mariogoods 1 February 2018

My imagination - Zhao Lin

Zhao Lin is the main protagonist of Bonnie Bears: Adventure Diary.

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KionPlays KionPlays 14 January 2018

hey guys

what's up

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PrincessDaisyFan99 PrincessDaisyFan99 13 January 2018

My Mugen Wishlist

Here is My Mugen Wishlist:

  1. The 1980s Strawberry Shortcake Characters
  2. The 1980s Rainbow Brite Characters
  3. Tom Servo and Crow (Mystery Science Theater 3000)
  4. The Unikitty (Tv Show) Characters
  5. Sailor Starlights
  6. Sailor Chibi Chibi Moon
  7. The 2003/2007 Strawberry Shortcake Characters
  8. The 2009 Strawberry Shortcake Characters
  9. The Homestar Runner Characters
  10. Unikingdom (Stage)
  11. 1980s Strawberryland (Stage)
  12. 1980s Rainbowland (Stage)
  13. MST3K Bridge (Stage)
  14. Berry Bitty City (Stage)
  15. A Pink and Girly Screenpack with cute sounds on it! (Either can be for Winmugen, Mugen 1.0, or Mugen 1.1)

Original Meme Link

What Do You Think of this Wishlist?

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Jefferyevans Jefferyevans 2 January 2018


Gallery contents

jeffery cuphead is spriteswap of Nathan The Fallen Child link:

Gallery contents

McHattington is spitreswap of mad dog link:

Gallery contents

Mystery107 link: In Inkwell Isle, Cuphead and his younger brother, Mugman, lived happy and carefree under the watch of the Elder Kettle. One day, the boys wandered far from home and ended up in the Devil's Casino despite the Elder Kettle's warnings.

In the casino, Cuphead and Mugman were on a winning streak at the Craps table. When the Devil came to the table, (which was a surprise for …

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Enigima Enigima 24 December 2017

Fighter Factory 3 Help Please!!!

Hello its me. I've been playing M.U.G.E.N. for a while now and I've been trying really hard to create characters for it. However, I seem to have no luck when it comes to this program. Whenever I try to save pallets to the images, they don't save the proper colors I added to the character I'm trying to create. Any help would be appreciated as I always wanted to become a video game developer and this could be the step into the right direction!!! :) I'm going to list some M.U.G.E.N. character ideas I have!!!

  • Etika [EtikaWorldNetwork]
  • Reggie Fils-Aime
  • Lil Peep
  • Huckleberry Hound
  • David [The Upside Down Show]
  • Shane [The Upside Down Show]
  • Cleveland Brown [The Cleveland Show]
  • Maxwell [Scribblenauts]
  • The Chocolate Guy [SpongeBob SquarePants]
  • Joe [Blue's Clues…

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Bandicootfan63 Bandicootfan63 16 December 2017

Noob back at it again

Posted a blog here a long-ass time ago about MUGEN file help, now I'm wondering where the hell I can download the game again. Links to winmugen on the M.U.G.E.N page are "dangerous files" apparently and I don't screw around with that; anyone have a good link?

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Kurobi96 Kurobi96 14 December 2017

A ridiculous question...

, maybe he will had an article in this wiki (i have permission to do it, it was given to me by PasmoidThunder)... Maybe... I'm working in it but it is impossible... Can anybody tell me how i only make mistakes?! I really don't know how to do it, is too long yet, but how i make the command list? If , i bet i will able to make something over here  How ridiculous i am

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Kurobi96 Kurobi96 14 December 2017


I'm the unique who makes a lot of laughs with him??? xDDDDDDDDDDDD

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Loganthekids Loganthekids 5 December 2017

One BIG Question

Is anyone able to fix PlasmoidThunder's snow bug?

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DELTAFORCE37 DELTAFORCE37 30 November 2017

More characters

Not to complain or anything but I would love to see some Call Of Duty characters.

Captain Price

Soap McTavish

Vladimir Makarov

Imaran Zakhaev

Alex Mason

Frank Woods

Viktor Reznov

Elias Walker

David "Hesh" Walker

Gabriel Rorke

And if possible, Starkiller from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and a few characters voiced by Nolan North

Martin Walker (Spec Ops: The Line)

Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)

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