Bowser in the Dark World
Sunset Shimmer facing Kasumi on Bowser in the Dark World - Final


Shimmering Brony



Bowser in the Dark World is the first Bowser level from Super Mario 64 and its remake, Super Mario 64 DS, accessible from the left-hand door on the second level of the castle's lobby once Mario has eight Power Stars. In this level, Mario must traverse through platforms and obstacles until he reaches a Warp Pipe leading to the battle against Bowser, who must be defeated in order to obtain a key that unlocks the double doors found in the castle's basement.

In addition to the main goal of finding the Warp Pipe that leads to Bowser, Mario can collect eight red coins scattered throughout the course so he can obtain one of the castle's secret Stars; the DS version adds in a another secret Star that Mario can obtain by standing on a Star Switch behind the Warp Pipe that leads to Bowser, then hastily backtracking along the course until he finds and shatters the Star Sphere that houses the Star before time runs out and the Star disappears.

In M.U.G.E.N, Bowser in the Dark World has been made by Shimmering Brony, under the name of Bowser in the Dark World - Final; it is based on the last section of Bowser in the Dark World where the battle between Mario and Bowser takes place.

Shimmering Brony's version

Bowser in the Dark World - Final
'Koopa's Theme' from Super Mario 64





Super Jump




Shimmering Brony's version of Bowser in the Dark World is similar to the creator's Bowser in the Sky stage, in that it uses 3D graphical assets taken from Super Mario 64 and has them converted into 2D sprites. The sky, yellow spheres and singular mine that appears at the stage's centre all contain deltas, causing them to move at different velocities in relation to their distance from the foreground, with elements becoming slower as they appear further into the background. Despite the stage having a high vertical boundary that would have theoretically given way to opportunities for high-altitude combat, the stage's camera does not follow combatants upwards at a reasonable speed, which combined with the stage's slightly elevated z-offset makes it so even Super Jumps, let alone high-altitude skirmishes, are highly impractical.


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