Chandelure Pokkén
Artwork from Pokkén Tournament



Oldest version

Z.A.I.'s version (2012)

Newest version

Z.A.I.'s version (2012)



Chandelure is a Ghost/Fire-type Pokémon from the Pokémon series that also makes an appearance as a playable character in the 3D fighting game, Pokkén Tournament. It is the final evolution of Litwick, and it appears at #192 in the Unova Pokédex and #609 in the National Pokédex.

Chandelure are known for their deadly ability to absorb the souls of living creatures and incinerate them. They use their flames to hypnotise people and burn up the souls once absorbed, but cannot deal any physical damage with them.

In M.U.G.E.N, Chandelure has been made created by Z.A.I. under the originally translated Japanese name of 'Shandera' (now officially translated as Chandela); it uses the animated sprite of Chandelure from Pokémon Black and White in its base animations and makes use of predominantly fire-based attacks.

Z.A.I.'s version


A simplistic character, Shandera only uses two buttons for all of its attacks, though don't be fooled into thinking that this character is limited, as it can combo and dish out some heavy damage, aided by its rather peculiar ability to gradually fill up its own Power bar automatically; maybe it's consuming the opponent's soul and burning it for fuel...?

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