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Cheep Chomp
200px-Cheep Chomp NSMB2 Prima
3D render From New Super Mario Bros. 2



Oldest version

N64Mario's version (2006)

Newest version

N64Mario's version (2006)



Cheep Chomps are recurring underwater enemies in the New Super Mario Bros. series, having made their debut in the DS game with the same name. Usually found in only one or two levels in any particular game, Cheep Chomps differ in colour from a similar enemy known as the Boss Bass by having a purple body and green fins as opposed to the Boss Bass' red body and yellow fins.

A Cheep Chomp's primary method of defeating adventurers that venture too near to it is to try and swallow them using its large, gaping mouth, with those unfortunate enough to be swallowed ending up losing a life irregardless of what current powerup they have, save for said powerup being either a Starman or a Mega Mushroom, in which case the Cheep Chomp is automatically defeated on contact; Cheep Chomps are relentless in trying to swallow their prey, as they will follow it for long distances throughout the level until either their prey escapes the water or the Cheep Chomp is defeated.

In M.U.G.E.N, Cheep Chomp has been created by N64Mario.

N64Mario's version


Sporting the name of the big-mouthed fish from New Super Mario Bros. and the colours of a near-identical Mario series enemy known as the Boss Bass, Cheep-Chomp functions like a playable boss character with the ability to 'fly' through the body of water that conveniently follows it around. Like the Cheep-Chomp and Boss Bass enemies in their respective source games, this character can inflict instant K.O.s on opponents by swallowing them whole.

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