Coconut Mall
Luigi is challenged by Daisy to a fight on Mario Kart Wii & 7    - Coconut Mall -




Luneth's Effusus

Coconut Mall is location in the Mario Kart series that serves as the second course of the Flower Cup in Mario Kart Wii and the third course of the Banana Cup in Mario Kart 7. The track sees racers starting at the entrance to the titular shopping complex and making their way through it once the race has started, eventually leaving the complex about three-quarters of the way into the track via a jump ramp and landing in the mall's parking lot, whereupon the racers have to navigate through shoppers endlessly trying to park their cars before they come back to the start/finish line.

In M.U.G.E.N, Coconut Mall has been made once by Luneth, with the stage taking place just before the track's start/finish line while a crowd of Miis act as onlookers to the fight.

Luneth's version

Mario Kart Wii & 7    - Coconut Mall -
'Coconut Mall' from Mario Kart 7





Super Jump




Luneth's version uses assets from the original Mario Kart Wii Coconut Mall course, which can be deduced by the structure hanging over the start/finish line having a higher arch than in the Mario Kart 7 iteration of the course and the very blurry Pianta standing by the elevators in the mall itself. The stage has both prominent blurriness and noticeable colour loss in a multitude of areas, particularly around the mall's entrance in the background and the sign above it, though what's particularly jarring is that these issues also occur in the foreground, especially on the floor shadow to the right hand side. An arrangement of multicoloured Miis can be seen witnessing the fight directly behind the combatants, each one in the front row bobbing up and down independently of the other front row Miis, while the back row of Miis is split into left and right groups that bob up and down independently of each other. Owing to the limited distance between the left and right stage boundaries, there isn't a lot of room for combatants to fight in; furthermore, the stage's camera having minimal vertical scroll combined with the stage's lower z-offset value slightly raising the floor combatants stand on guarantees that characters with Super Jumps will disappear off the top of the screen.


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