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Death Star
The second Death Star, as seen in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi




Tony's version
2nd Death Star
3rd Death Star
1st Death Star


Star Wars

The Death Star is the name given to two fictional moon-sized superweapons appearing in the Star Wars movies, with the first Death Star appearing in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope and the second Death Star appearing in Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. As their names imply, the Death Stars were capable of destroying an entire planet with a single blast of energy fired from their primary weapon. The first Death Star was originally built by the Galactic Empire under Emperor Palpatine's orders some time during the end of the Clone Wars. The weapon was intended to destroy planets loyal to the Rebel Alliance, as was demonstrated by the weapon's destruction of the planet Alderaan, and to induce psychological terror in anyone who may be considering turning against the Empire.

After the Rebel Alliance stole the Death Star's plans and ultimately destroyed the Death Star, a second Death Star was constructed years later as a successor to the original. While the second Death Star's construction was never completed, it's primary weapon was fully operational; enough for it to be used in the Battle of Endor. The destruction of the second Death Star, combined with the death of Emperor Palpatine, eventually prompted the Empire to formally surrender to the newly established New Republic a year later.

In M.U.G.E.N, the Death Star has been made by mapelao (under the alias of 'TROY') and Tony. It is known for being the first character to be able to K.O. Omega Tom Hanks.

2nd Death Star

This version is able to withstand the F1 button and is able to defeat characters such as Omega Tom Hanks with a special reversal (it is one of the first characters to use it, it's unknown if TROY invented the kill codes for it). Although the character might be almost impossible to K.O., there are a ton of methods of killing it through advanced coding.

3rd Death Star

Considered an edit of the original Death Star, this version lacks any of the OHKO moves. Instead it spams projectiles and Tie Fighters to defeat its enemies. It is also F1 proof and can withstand many OHKO attacks.


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