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"I don't know when Luigi stumbled on my fight against his possessed brother, but it was obviously not soon enough. Unaware of the spirit controlling Mario's body, he watched as I fought to defend myself and ultimately bested the portly plumber in combat.

Forced to go all out against the vengeful spirit, I had injured Mario severely, and sought to get him to someone who could help. In the end, I hoisted him over my shoulder and took off for Peach's castle. It seemed like the best choice.

Luigi beat me back and stood awaiting me at the bridge to the castle, denying me passage and demanding retribution for the injuries done to his brother. The other Mario Brother had always struck me as a bit of a coward compared to his portly sibling, but here he stood before me, swearing vengeance upon me.

With Mario hurt and in need of assistance, and his brother unwilling to let me pass, once again I found myself with only one option. Setting the plumber down, I raised my fists. I would fight to get Mario the help he needed, but I would not injure his brother like I had hurt him.

I owed him that much."

Honestly, I'm not sure if this Luigi I got from the link JS posted on his Homer MUGEN against the same character has the same AI. Judge's seemed a lot more aggressive... and the sound pack was obviously different. I need to look into this and maybe have a rematch later if there is a newer version out.

To make this more difficult for myself, however, I tried at all costs not to use anything but basic attacks. No shield charges (okay, ONE slipped through but it was blocked), no buster shots, no Supers. Give the way that Proto's moves are set up, I had to reset frequently due to accidentally firing off my buster.

In fact, in one recording, I got all the way to the end and then hit two kick buttons instead of one for the start of a combo and finished him off with the Prototype Zero hyper. Oops.

I will say one thing about this Luigi, though. His Luigi Whirlwind is surprisingly painful, hitting for about 360 damage. However, his diminishing shield also allows for you to dish out a lot of damage if you press him until it breaks. I might just try playing around with him to see how he is as a character.


Stage: Peach Castle (comes with ShinRyoga's SuperMario) BGM: Super Mario 64 - The Alternate Route OC Remix

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