Gateway Colosseum
Gateway Colosseum
Gardevoir fighting Hisui on Gateway Colosseum


Saiyajin Mui


Saiyajin Mui's version
Ryuugu's version





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Gateway Colosseum is one of the many Colosseums you can enter in Pokémon Battle Revolution. It is located at the entrance to Pokétopia (hence the name "Gateway") and is illuminated at night by all the surrounding buildings and attractions. It is one of the first two Colosseums you can enter, with the other one being Main Street Colosseum. Unlike the majority of the Colosseums, you cannot use your own Pokémon, but instead you are given a selection of rental passes to choose from, with each pass containing different Pokémon.

In M.U.G.E.N, Gateway Colosseum has been created by Saiyajin Mui. It uses sprites ripped by Ðshiznetz of the Gateway Colosseum stage from a fan-made fighting game called Pokémon Type: Wild. Another version that's very similar to the aforementioned version has been created by Ryuugu under the name of "City Park".

Saiyajin Mui's version

This version features animated water that pulsates with colour, as well as delta values and that give the stage a slight 3D feel. There is noticeable colour loss on the sprites, mainly on the giant buildings in the background, though it would appear that this was already present in the sprite rips.

Background music

The music used is the battle theme for Gateway Colosseum from Pokémon Battle Revolution.

Gateway Colosseum


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