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Guile SSBU
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate




Masa's version (SF2)
TESTP's version (SF2)
Mauteck's version (SFM)
Warusaki3's version (CvS)
Kamekaze's version (3-in-1)
TESTP and Robert The Small's version
Jmorphman's version
Ehnyd's version
Kain The Supreme's version (SF2)
Robert The Small's "Evil Guile (Guire)" (Custom)
ShinZankuro's version


Street Fighter

Guile is a character from the Street Fighter series, hailing from the USA and first appearing in Street Fighter II.

Guile was a Major in the United States Air Force, but had to leave to avenge the death of his best friend Charlie Nash, who was killed by M. Bison. A charge character, Guile is best known for having only two Special Moves: the Sonic Boom and the Flash Kick. His hairdo was inspired by Rudol Von Stroheim from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. He also seems to work closely with fellow Street Fighter Chun-Li, despite the fact that the two work for different agencies (The USAF and INTERPOL, respectively).

In M.U.G.E.N, Guile was made by various authors. All versions use sprites from commercial video games, but not necessarily just Street Fighter.

N64Mario's version


Colonel William Guile...and combos; the greatest friends in the world devastate the opponent with ease. This Guile doesn't need to play defensively, instead preferring to get up-close and personal with the opponent using its easy to pull off combos and high damage output; that said, it can be configured to play like its less cheap Street Fighter Alpha 3 counterpart.


Kurai Naito's version


Kurai Naito's take on Guile is based off SNK vs. Capcom: SvC Chaos. However it is more than a mere straight rip, as it also has some extra attacks from other games, as well as some attacks from Charlie.


Xzero's version


Another Marvel vs. Capcom 2 conversion, this version of the world warrior has somewhat different different gameplay, using six buttons, but as usual, still has unmatched chainability. However, it may possibly be able to chain too well, as its SummerSault can obliterate over 3/4ths of an opponents lifebar when used in rhythmic succession.


Mouser's version


This version of Guile is considered by many to be accurate to Marvel vs. Capcom 2. However, it takes a couple liberties from said game, sporting six buttons, no strikers or tag team system, and also having a unique level 3 Hyper. Otherwise, it plays pretty faithful. Are you man enough to master aerial raves?


Kain The Supreme's version


This version is a six button char, although instead of Button-xyz being punches and Button-abc being kicks, Button-xyz are kicks and Button-abc are punches. Unlike most versions of Guile, this version opts for traditional QCF and QCB motions, rather than the charge motions that Guile is most known for.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Sonic Boom
Command Input Properties
QCF Button-abc Proj
Ex version uses 500 power
Flash Kick
Command Input Properties
QCB Button-abc Ex version uses 5000 power
Blanka helper
Command Input Properties
Button-F Button-B Button-x+Button-y+ Button-z
Button-F Button-B Button-a+Button-b+Button-c
uses 500 power


Kick Combo
Command Input Properties
QCF QCF Button-xyz uses 1000 power
Alpha punch
Command Input Properties
QCF QCB Button-abc uses 1000 power
Blanka super
Command Input Properties
QCF QCB Button-xyz uses 1000 power
super kick combo
Command Input Properties
QCF QCF Button-abc uses 2000 power
Red Nightmare
Command Input Properties
QCB QCB Button-abc uses 2000 power
Needs less than 500 Life

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