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Hornet Man
Artwork from Mega Man 9


Emiliano David Palleres

Oldest version

Ironcommando's version (2008)

Newest version

Emiliano David Palleres' version (2012)


Mega Man 9

Hornet Man is a Robot Master with a design based on hornets and honeycombs and one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9 whose expiration date assigned to him by the government had expired and was scheduled to be deactivated and sent to the junkyard.

Hornet Man was designed to manage a flower park, with his job being pollinating the flowers using his vast knowledge of flowers from around the world, and he loves gardening. He attacks by releasing robot hornets from the honeycomb in his chest. Like the rest of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 9, he wanted to have a purpose and didn't want to be sent to the scrap heap, and he was reprogrammed by Dr. Wily to riot against the humans. After Mega Man defeated the Robot Masters and Dr. Wily, Hornet Man was rebuilt and given a useful purpose.

In M.U.G.E.N, Hornet Man has been made by Ironcommando and Emiliano David Palleres, with Ironcommando's version being a custom-sprited character and Emiliano David Palleres' version being based on his appearance in Mega Man 9.

Ironcommando's versionSeizureicon


One of the few non-cheap characters made by Ironcommando, Hornet Man is a custom-sprited character with a gameplay style and combo system similar to his Dancing Banana. He can attack with homing hornets and exploding bees and cover the opponent in honey or poison them to weaken them, and he also comes with a brutal A.I. Unfortunately, this character is unfinished, as he has several missing Normals and gameplay bugs.

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