This article is about Hong Meiling from an alternate future, who serves as the final boss in the unofficial Touhou Project game Touhou Rekkaden. For her uncorrupted and official version, see Hong Meiling.

Lie Meiling
Lie Meiling as she appears in Touhou Rekkaden


RicePigeon & Darkflare

Oldest version

RicePigeon & Darkflare's version (2011)

Newest version

RicePigeon & Darkflare's version (2011)


Touhou Project/Original

Lie Meiling was formerly the gatekeeper to the Scarlet Devil Mansion known as Hong Meiling. She is one of two final bosses in the doujin game Touhou Rekkaden, the other being Yukari Yakumo, who fights alongside her on the game's harder difficulties. Lie Meiling also appears as a mid-boss during the game's Extra Stage, where she teams up with Yukari and Reimu Hakurei.

In Touhou Rekkaden, Meiling stumbles across an ancient, forgotten grimoire in the Scarlet Devil Mansion library. Shortly afterward, Yukari appears to her and offers to train her for reasons unknown, pitting Meiling against various residents of Gensokyo. It is later discovered that the grimoire filled Meiling with an evil energy, and that by defeating enemies this energy would grow and eventually consume her, an outcome that Yukari wanted to see come to full fruition. For the final match, Yukari pits Meiling against what would eventually become her future self: Lie Meiling.

In M.U.G.E.N, Lie Meiling was made twice, once by RicePigeon & Darkflare, and another as an alternate mode for Daiya's Hong Meiling.

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Don't get cocky, this is most certainly not your average Meiling. While it's limited to just three buttons, this character has a varied moveset and is very capable of pulling off many combos. This character is certainly one Raging Youkai.

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