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The MUGEN Database (sometimes referred to as MUGEN Wikia and The Database) is a wiki-based M.U.G.E.N encyclopedia that aims to document content for use with the M.U.G.E.N fighting game engine, ranging from characters and stages to full games and screenpacks. Founded by Vyr in September of 2005, the ownership has since been unofficially passed over to PlasmoidThunder. The wiki currently has 3,550 articles, with a large fraction of this figure taken up by character and stage articles.

The MUGEN Database has often been criticised for its apparent lack of standards, choice of content, and insufficient technical information regarding the characters it documents.



The MUGEN Database was created on 11th September 2005 following the increase in popularity of the free wiki hosting service known as Wikicities, which later changed its name to Wikia in 2006. The wiki was created in response to the vast amount of warehousing and directory sites that offered very little in the way of information regarding the M.U.G.E.N content they supplied, requiring for visitors to download the creations first in order to get an idea of what they were like; however, it didn't take long for the Database to follow suit, with its articles supplying little more than an infobox and a download link.

Vyr's departure

On 26th September 2005, just 15 days after the Database's inception, the wiki's founder Vyr left the site, having made only 11 edits in total. He posted his reason for leaving in an early revision of the MUGEN Database's About page, stating: "I have practically no experience editing wikis, but hopefully this will get better over time."

Despite Vyr leaving the MUGEN Database, the wiki's relatively small group of contributors continued to help it grow for several more years, though the wiki's article standards remained much the same. Following Wikia's decision to implement the controversial Oasis skin as the mandatory style for all wikis in 2010, the small group of users at the time put forward the suggestion of moving the wiki away from Wikia and onto similar wiki hosting services that retained either the Monobook or Monaco skins, such as Wikkii and ShoutWiki. A month after the site had been seemingly abandoned, then-active contributor Jenngra505 was asked by Wikia Staff if he wanted to become head admin of the MUGEN Database, to which he accepted.

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