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In order for an article to be nomatinated for "featured" status, it must fit the criteria for a respectable article. Below is what an article needs in order to be nominated.


If the article does not follow the general layout shown in this article (characters), or this article (stages) then there is no point in nominating it, meaning the article is most likely a stub, or any other equivalent. The infobox's content is included with this, so if there's more download links than creators shown (providing each link is a different version), or the origin is wrong, or the download link shows the whole path, then nomination will be denied.


Has to literally be perfect (no spelling errors, misuse of punctuation, odd placement of words, lack of sense being made, etc.) - remember, featured articles represent the BEST of this wiki's content. The point of view needs to be third-person, so no "me", "myself", or "I".


If the article follows the above, but there's barely any detailed information on said article, then it shouldn't be nominated either.


Are there any broken media links (videos, pictures)? If so, then they need to be fixed before even thinking about nomination.


Is the article categorized correctly? Is it in categories it shouldn't be in? Are there categories that it should be in, but isn't currently? Check these before nominating.

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