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For the paper version of Mario and the protagonist of the Paper Mario series, see Paper Mario.

Mario SSBU
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate




Stickman14's edit
MASA's Super Mario edit is currently unavailable
N64Mario's version
Thomas Hisei's version
MUGENX's version
119way's version
Txpot's Creations
Tanicfan22's SMB3 Mario is currently unavailable
Tako's Mario versions
Tako & Higure's SMA4 Mario
Dr. M's Mario is currently unavailable
Shazzo's SMBMario
Plom5-1-00's version
Chaseallendiaz's version
Leo-22-M's version
Freddery II's Creations are currently unavailable
Nesmario123's Mario versions are currently unavailable
otto's NESMario
otto's satuzinki NESMario is currently unavailable
Orochihomer's Edit is currently unavailable
teeno312's Edit
Kung Fu Mario
ZP's Mario Edits
Bigshowofall's Edit is currently unavailable
codys1993's BiS Mario
mumin's Edit
SuperMario193281's Mario Edits
Ivan Luiz's Dr. Mario is currently unavailable
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Stryfe's Mario
Moldredd's Rario
LuigiTY11's Super Mario edit is currently unavailable
Tetsuo9999's Nario
Symbiote Pocket Mario
Tanicfan22's SMB1 Mario
mariotime's version
tmtm's version
Kairi's Masao
orz's Brave Masao
S.Nara's version
Fire Mario Edit
Evil Mario Edit
Andersonkenya1's Clone Mario
SephirothX2004's version
Jermboy27's Tanooki Mario
Cristian Ciomic's Fire Mario Edit
Pizzasause´s Cosmic Mario
Mario11766's Shadow Mario
Mario11766's Baby Mario is currently unavailable
Mario11766's Mario&Luigi is currently unavailable
Mario11766's Somari is currently unavailable
Nimaime's FCWarriors2
Tomoki's version is currently unavailable
mituba's version
Dingybird2012's Creations
Pichu's Somari is currently unavailable
Mario Collection
SSF Mario
Masao (MvC)
Rapthemonkey9's Shadow Mario is currently unavailable
SC1614's Omega Mario
Tylor's Super Mario Edit
Gold Mario Ver2.9
Maaarioooo!!!! (Pass: M)
Tanicfan22's SMB2 Mario is currently unavailable
LuigiTheYoshi11's FireMario is currently unavailable
SPM Mario
Karter's version is currently unavailable
Pigto Mario
The Mario Plushie
LuigiTheYoshi's SilverMario
LTY's Mario Clones
Crimson Eye
Brutal Mario
Atomic SuperMario
Powerful Mario
Ermac Won's Pesky Plumber Mario



Mario (originally known as Jumpman in the arcade game, Donkey Kong) is the titular main protagonist of the Super Mario video game series, as well as the company mascot of Nintendo. He made his first appearance as the protagonist and playable character of the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong, under the alias of Jumpman, though he would soon reappear in the arcade game, Mario Bros., alongside his younger brother, Luigi.

When it comes to powers, Mario's true strength lies in his incredible jump, which he uses to stomp on enemies and get through many levels, usually to defeat his arch nemesis, Bowser, and rescue Princess Peach; of course, some of Bowser's minions are too tough to be defeated by a mere jump, so Mario also has a variety of power-ups like the Fire Flower, Starman and Tanooki Suit at his disposal. Mario doesn't seem to have much of a personality outside being heroic, and generally doesn't speak all that much, only occasionally saying phrases such as "It's a me!", "Wahoo!" and "Thanks for playing!", though Nintendo have stated that this is to allow him to fit easily into a variety of genres.

In M.U.G.E.N, Mario has been created multiple times, to the point of Mario being one of the most created characters for M.U.G.E.N.

ShinRyoga & NeOaNkH's versionEditiconSeizureicon


Arguably the most well known version of the iconic moustachioed plumber, this Mario has a moveset that takes heavy cues from his Super Smash Bros. incarnation, topped up with attacks based on actions that Mario can do in various games of the Super Mario series. If Mario gets fed up with being super, he can enter the battle in one of three alternate modes, each one with its own advantages and disadvantages.


Hsiehtm's version


It isn't hard to figure out why this version of Mario is referred to as NES Super Mario, as he uses the sprites from Super Mario Bros. Instead of punching, kicking or using special moves, he jumps on the opponent to attack. If he gets hit, he becomes small, and if he's hit while small he instantly gets K.O.'d.


N64Mario's version


Old School Mario is tricky to beat. If he gets hit, he raises his hand (stopping time itself in the process) before dying Super Mario Bros. style, and then coming back via dropping from the sky. As it has a Super Mario Bros. ground tile, Thwomps drop from the sky and can hurt fighters (including Mario if he doesn't watch out). Big Bertha will appear to eat fighters, which is an instant KO, it can kill Mario too. Old School Mario's attacks are jumping, and super combos can also be used. One of them turns the land setting into an underwater setting, where Old School Mario jumps in the water. The underwater setting, however, replaces Thwomps with squids which can hurt Old School Mario and throw fighters. Big Bertha may show up to eat fighters. It is, once again, an instant KO. One easy way to beat Old School Mario is to let Old School Mario get eaten.

Hanyou's version

Super Mario 64

Super Mario 64 is, unsurprisingly, based on Mario's appearance in Super Mario 64. Sometimes referred to as "Cheap Mario", it's no surprise that this character has severely overpowered attacks with dubious invincibility frames that make it hit hard but hard to hit. Stealing all those Power Stars did Bowser no good, as this Mario uses the once final boss as an attack.


Basara-kun's version


Though this uses sprites from the original NES game, it plays closer to a regular fighter, taking moveset cues from both Super Mario Bros and Super Smash Bros.; however, it's combo potential is limited as he cannot do normal attacks, instead relying solely on special moves.


Thunderbert's version


This verison of Mario uses edited Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga sprites and opts for Smash Bros. styled gameplay, using simple single button commands for his special attacks and regular attacks. Don't underestimate it though, as it has smaller hitboxes and surprising combo ability.


MUGENX's Mario (SMW)


MUGENX's version is loosely based off of Mario's appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, consisting of moves such as FLUDD and Mario Finale. However, he can only face one direction unless he does a attack. As most of MUGENX's other characters do, if he hits an opponent near the edge of the screen, they can "lose a life" (indicated by target icons near the character's portrait). If an opponent loses all lives, they are instantly get K.O.'d.







Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Fireball Button-b Proj
Name Command Input Properties
Reflector Cape Button-F Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
FLUDD Button-D Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Coin Punch Button-U Button-b


Name Command Input Properties
Mario Finale QCF Button-b Uses 3000 power

SNS' version


While this version of the red-clad plumber has sprites based off of Super Smash Bros. Brawl, it doesn't have a traditional Smash Bros. style. This Mario was designed to rebel against his low tier placement in said game, but you'd be mistaken if you think that's a good thing, because he has a cheap moveset and a very strong A.I.


Jakobthecool867's version


Normally one to sit back and watch fights between a vertically challenged man and various national stereotypes, Referee Mario has decided that it's time to experience the thrills of being a boxer from the perspective of a boxer; unfortunately, Referee Mario doesn't seem to have adopted the principles of a clean fight, as he is entirely devoid of hurtboxes on any of his animations and thus effectively untouchable.


AxKing's version


A sprite edit of a totally different character, this version of Mario doesn't exactly share the same popularity as the actual Italian plumber. Seemingly rushed, and plagued with infinites and overly spammy attacks, it may not come as a surprise that this is not actually Mario, but Donkey Kong in disguise, wearing its lesser-known Mario suit; put this fraud into a grab to reveal its true identity.


Duck@ss & DJ HANNIBALROYCE's version


This version of Mario (referred to as Mari) is based on Mario's unofficial appearances in bootleg games. He's a two-button character, but don't make that let you down, as his comboability is surprisingly high, though his size makes him hard to hit. This character also has many features typical of DJ HANNIBALROYCE's characters.


DJ HANNIBALROYCE's versionSeizureicon


If the sprites of this particular Mario didn't already give it away, this version is heavily based on Mario's appearance in Super Mario Maker, going so far as to include Hypers that are based on the game's Mystery Mushroom feature, which allow Mario to temporarily transform into a completely different character. Being a character made by DJ HANNIBALROYCE, he comes with a unique gameplay style and has a challenging A.I.



See also

  • Metal Mario - A metallic doppelgänger of Mario who originally appeared as one of his powerups, but is now considered a separate entity aside Mario.
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