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Okihaito's version
Pgrs111MAGEN's version


Touhou Project Fan-Character

Meimu (also known as M-Reimu) is a Chinese fan-made Touhou Project character who bears a strong physical resemblance to Reimu Hakurei. She was first designed by Chinese artist 淫火啲虫 (also known as AUER), and has become a popular Touhou fan character since.

Meimu was originally a formless entity that is neither human nor youkai. It was Yukari Yakumo that gave Meimu her current physical form, which was made to physically resemble Reimu Hakurei, possibly to annoy her. Meimu has considered herself part of Yukari's family ever since, even forming a friendship with Chen. Due to her original nature, Meimu is capable of alternating between two different forms; a child form and an adult form, each with its own distinct personality. For example, in her child form, she considers Reimu to be her friend, but in her adult form she considers Reimu her mortal enemy.

In M.U.G.E.N, Meimu has been made by various authors. The most well known incarnation was made by Okihaito.

Okihaito's version


M-Reimu is an AI-only character (Her AI can be disabled in the OPTION.txt file). After approximately 5-10 seconds, she becomes immortal and cannot be hurt (applies only to later versions, early versions can be defeated by a normal character), and she always executes the enemy in a violent manner (i.e. Tearing them open, slicing them in half, sacrificing them, ripping their neck open by stabbing them with her fingers alone, or just making her enemies explode). M-Reimu is incredibly overpowered, and cannot be stopped by normal characters when she begins to attack. Meimu can be defeated, but it takes a worth adversary equal to her power to stop her, and it may or may not be possible to defeat her on the second round. She can even do her executions near the beginning of the match. M-Reimu has a psychotic nature and has a large range of voices (these including Magaki's, Orochi's and Mizuchi's, all of which make her sound like a demon, most of them are distorted male voices. The most frequent voice activated is her abundant selections of laughter. M-Reimu becomes greatly stronger with the 12th palette being the strongest, changing her fighting style entirely. At the start of the match she will usually follow up with a beam type attack, followed by the summoning of clones, which turns the battle quickly from a 1v1 to a 4v1.







This character is controlled solely by the A.I., so no activation methods are present.

MLiconDarkFlare's version


This version is an edit of RicePigeon's version of Reimu Hakurei, with the character's charge commands replaced with QCF and DP commands, with the animation timings of these moves altered to compensate. Its moveset resembles a combination of Reimu's and Yukari Yakumo's, having access to the latter's Wall Teleport by pressing Button-B Button-B while in a corner.


RicePigeon's version


She may look like Reimu, but this formless beast given Reimu's form shows that not even Yukari can contain her. Originally designed as the A.I.-only final boss of Touhou: Gensokyo Reloaded, Meimu's moveset exhibits references to many SNK Bosses, most notably Rugal Bernstein and Clone Zero. Her pressure tools, good priority, large damage, good mobility, and average Life value all ensure she'll reset this world back to zero.



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