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Other World
Sokaku judges Goku on RistaR87's World Janemba HR




RistaR87's version

The Other World, also known as the Underworld or Netherworld, is a location from the Dragon Ball series. It is the series version of the afterlife, and it is where characters go when they die alongside being the place of residence for higher deities. The Other World is divided into heaven and hell, with a level existing between the two holding celestial bureaucracies in charge of running daily activities in the location, and time does not exist in it. Characters who die come to it as spirits, although heroes like Goku come to it in regular bodies, and some characters residing in it are able to interact with the living by transmission or temporary revival although others remained as bodiless souls. It is also where the Other World Tournament, a martial arts tournament held by the deceased residents, takes place, which plays a high role in the Other World saga of Dragon Ball Z.

In M.U.G.E.N, the Other World was made by RistaR87 as World Janemba, referring to it as if the character Janemba had claimed it during his time in the Other World Tournament. MugenMundo has also claimed to have made the stage, but it is unknown if this claim is true or not.

RistaR87's version

World Janemba HR
'Over the Galaxy' from Dragon Ball Z3





Super Jump




The stage uses a high-resolution appearance using dithered 256-color sprites. It interprets the Other World using a red sunset sky and pink, rocky ground, with floating jellybean-like surfaces behind the combatants and a lightly-opaque fog in front of them. The stage is somewhat small in horizontal distance, limiting the distance to only the 640x480 boundary, but it has a large vertical distance that allows for Super Jumps. A visual oddity that occurs is a long line of pixels occasionally travelling with the fog.


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