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Postprandial Happy -Lost Town-
Postprandial Happyl preview
Bridget and Sol Badguy find themselves in a different franchise on Postprandial Happy -Lost Town-









Super Jump




Postprandial Happy -Lost Town- is one of the stages from the fighting game BlazBlue Continuum Shift 2 created by Darek.


The stage itself is set within the Lost City where Taokaka and the rest of the Kaka speicies reside in. When you first enter the stage, you get an overlay just like in the original game for a few seconds; This overlay shows a letterbox screen with the stage name on the top left cornor of the stage and "The 13th Hierarchical city -KAGUTSUCHI- AREA No-23" on the bottem right corner of the screen.

Throught the stage, there is lots of action. Starting from the far left, there a a few young Kaka's around the alleyway with one on the ground sleeping with a full stomach and three Kaka's in the distance underneath the "21 turn street" sign. Then we see two more Kaka's on the Stairway, one asleep and the other waving its arms about.

Then we come up to the Kaka Elders house where he stands outside his door. While this happens, two young Kaka's standing above him, one holding a giant fork and spoon with the other one hiding behind a giant cog. Next to the Kaka Elder is another sleeping Kaka with a full stomach, next to this Kaka shows more Kaka's doing different activities, one is full of energy and playing ontop of a stack of barrels, one chews on the remains of a fish dinner, one ontop of the house balcony and another resting by the barrels with more Kaka's peaking their heads around the side of the character.

As we get to the other side of the stage, we see a several Kaka's around a giant dinner bowl where a mature Kaka similar to Taokaka is squirting water into the bowl while other Kaka's clean the sides of the bowl, one in perticular trying to get back up the bowl after slipping inside. Above the bowl shows a giant cats head (built to resemble Jubei, the progenitor of their race) rocking side by side while a small Kaka with a staft stands on top of a crane with other buildings in the distance lit and smoke coming outside the chimney. As we reach the far right side of the stage, we see one young kaka sleeping inside a garbage bin.

Finally, as all of this is happening, three young Kakas are running behind the fighers as they chase a chicken from the far right of the stage to the far left.


Unlike the original stage from the game, all elements of the original 3D scene have been adapted all the elements and animations to 2D, however, there are still some elements missing from the stage such as some missing Kaka cats.


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