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Mewtwo is one of the two possible bosses that can be faced at the end of Project Catch 'Em All's Battle mode, with the other being Lugia. Mewtwo is the most powerful character in the game, boasting high attack (even though it's not based on Mewtwo's actual Special Attack stat) and life stats and a reasonable defence stat, making him difficult to take down. His arsenal of attacks are all ranged and hard to counter, though one should expect such, seeing as Mewtwo is a boss character. As a Psychic-type, Mewtwo has an advantage over Poison- and Fighting-types, but is weak to Dark-, Ghost- and Bug-types.


  • Life: 416
  • Attack: 350
  • Defence: 306


PCEA Mewtwo Movelist.png

Psycho Cut

PCEA Mewtwo PsychoCut.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Psychic 68 Medium No


PCEA Mewtwo Psychic.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Psychic 90 Medium No

Aura Sphere

PCEA Mewtwo AuraSphere.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Fighting 90 Medium No


PCEA Mewtwo Psystrike.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Psychic 102 Slow No

Palette Gallery


  • Mewtwo actually has a third palette, but it is assigned to group 1, index 2, which is already used by Mewtwo's second palette.
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