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Scyther is one of the more frail characters in the Project Catch 'Em All roster, but is also one of the strongest. Scyther's trick is that it can use Agility to make the ATB far fill up quicker for two attacks, allowing it to pull off even its more powerful moves quickly. Scyther is a Bug-type Pokémon, meaning it's effective against Grass-, Psychic- and Dark-type Pokémon, but not so effective against the Fire-, Flying and Rock-type members of the cast.


  • Life: 344
  • Attack: 350
  • Defence: 284


PCEA Scyther Movelist.png


PCEA Scyther Slash.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Normal 70 Medium Yes

Razor Wind

PCEA Scyther RazorWind.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Normal 80 Slow No


PCEA Scyther Agility.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Normal N/A Medium No


PCEA Scyther XScissor.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Bug 80 Slow No

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