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Venusaur is a tough character, excelling in life, attack and defence. Venusaur's main niche is Leech Seed, which drains the opponent's life and restores its own every time the opponent's ATB bar fills up. While packing a nice attack stat, Venusaur's moves don't necessarily compliment it, as Venusaur's most powerful move, Solarbeam, is easily interrupted and Take Down deals recoil damage. As a Grass-type character, Venusaur is great against Water-, Rock- and Ground-type Pokémon, but isn't as great against Fire-, Bug-, Flying- and Poison-types.


  • Life: 364
  • Attack: 328
  • Defence: 328


PCEA Venusaur Movelist.png

Leech Seed

PCEA Venusaur LeechSeed.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Grass N/A Fast No

Take Down

PCEA Venusaur TakeDown.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Normal 90 Medium Yes

Razor Leaf

PCEA Venusaur RazorLeaf.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Grass 55 Fast No


PCEA Venusaur Solarbeam.png

Type Power Recharge rate Makes contact?
Grass 120 Medium No

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