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Radioactive Man
Artwork of Radioactive Man


Bradern666 & Chimoru

Oldest version

Joshua's version (2007)

Newest version

Bradern666 & Chimoru's version (2013)


Marvel Comics

Radioactive Man is a villain from the Marvel Comics universe, usually seen fighting Thor. He had first appeared in Journey Into Mystery #93 and has appeared in other Marvel Comics, such as the Civil War event and the Iron Man books.

Chen Lu was originally a Chinese Scientist, working on a way to defeat Thor after the thunder God stopped their country's military strike on India. His plan was to expose himself to radiation, making him strong enough to defeat Thor. However, he was thwarted when the Asgardian swept him up in a tornado. He later returned and joined the Masters Of Evil. The Radioactive Man is equipped with super strength, energy projection, and force fields. Along with these powers, he is immune to lightning, and has the ability of hypnotic suggestion.

In M.U.G.E.N, Radioactive Man has been made by Joshua and Bradern666 & Chimoru. Joshua's version is poorly made with a very limited movepool and sprites, whereas Bradern666 & Chimoru's version sports a simple infinite as well as other problems.

Joshua's version


Using Colossus' sprites as a base, albeit with many culled frames, Chen probably had a little too much radiation in this iteration of Radioactive Man, sporting an inverted button layout and a laser that wipes out half of the average character's Life. Possible radiation poisoning has left the character with a lack of moves or any sort of comboability, along with multiple unnecessary hitboxes.


Bradern666 & Chimoru's version


A character originally made by Bradern666 that received major updates courtesy of Chimoru; he uses Colossus' sprites as a base and even features Piotr's Power Tackle attack, albeit without the ability to move upwards while doing so. A simple infinite can be achieved by spamming Special2, so there's nothing stopping this nuclear communist, least of all a thunder God.

Marvel Comics
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