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Rikimaru as he appears in Tenchu: Shadow Assassins



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Roks' version (2014)

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Roks' version (2014)



Rikimaru is one of the two main protagonists of the Tenchu series, alongside Ayame. A skilled ninja, he is the current head of the Azuma Ninja clan, a once sizeable clan that lost the majority of its members due to old age, having only a few youthful ninjas to its name.

Rikimaru is a master of ninjitsu, as are the rest of the members of the Azuma Ninja clan. Rikimaru was trained by his master and previous head of the Azuma Ninja clan, Shinunsai, who was killed by Tatsumaru, a former member of the clan. Dedicated, honourable and withdrawn, Rikimaru is prepared to sacrifice his own life without hesitation. His primary rival in the series is Onikage, whom he fights in almost every game and usually defeats, only to have him coming back again due to his resurrection abilities and intense desire to defeat Rikimaru.

In M.U.G.E.N, Rikimaru was made by Roks. The character uses custom sprites that depict Rikimaru as his Tenchu: Stealth Assassins incarnation, and takes inspiration from the Tenchu games for its moveset. It also makes relatively frequent use of a sword, most notably for Y, Z and C.

Roks' version


A ninja with respectable comboability and customisable Specials to boot, this Rikimaru is based on his design in the first Tenchu game and makes great use of that sword it carries.