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Rogue in Marvel Avengers Alliance




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Rogue is a female character from the X-Men series. She was born a mutant, but first discovered her powers when she kissed a boy that she was really close to, during a relationship at some point around her teenage years.

Rogue has the power to involuntarily absorb the power of anyone she touches, which while being helpful in combat, prevents her from making any physical contact with others, which she sees as a curse. She wears thick clothing to make sure that she doesn't accidentally make contact with someone.

There have been many Rogue characters made for M.U.G.E.N, some are good, while others are not.

Splode's version


Rogue is known for being able to steal the abilities of most of Marvel's heroes and villains. This version is a fair representation of this, as Splode never disappoints when it comes to accuracy.

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