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Version 1.70

Rumble Pack is a M.U.G.E.N game created by Liero. The game itself is not complete and is still in development, the current version of this game is "V1.70".


Rumble Pack is a simple fighting game with a fairly simple play system and a unique art style. All the stages and characters are all created by Liero and all have there own unique fighting styles and pros/cons.

Current Status

In the current version of Rumble Pack, there are up to 5 characters available with one style each (2 styles for Sofie and Supercut) and two custom stages.


  • Natilda
  • Tsukiko
  • Zppr
  • Oliver
  • MC Suppercut
  • Sofie
  • Takeo
  • Yoko
  • Nadia
  • Charlotte

All of these characters are incomplete with some missing sprites and fighting styles, which may be fixed in the future. In addition, when ran in normal Mugen, they have some errors, as their small portraits are oversized and will not display.


  • Parking Lot
  • Valley Field


There are several unique features which are being used in this game which effects every characters fighting styles. These styles include...


This causes the player to use a more defence style attacks as well as being able to use special defence moves against powerfull attacks.


This causes the player to use rush attacks which allows the player to get more combos in their attacks


This causes the player to have a more aggresive style of attacks which will deal more damage in their attacks, as well as this, there attacks will fill up the Overdrive system. When the Overdrive system bar is full. it will cause the player to perform a cinamatic attack which can deal large amounts of damage to opponents.


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