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Saturday Mornin' Mayhem
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The title screen of "Saturday Morin' Mayhem"





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Saturday Mornin' Mayhem is a full game that was created by DDR. It includes old-school cartoons that were classics (e.g.: Popeye, Mickey Mouse, etc) as the roster selection, it also includes 4 original characters: Momasusta, Destroyous, Fly Flea and Saint Not!, the latter being only present in the intro of the game and mentioned on storyboards and cutscenes of some characters.

Intro story

"The intro tells than a computer named Big Baby made a clone of Saint Nick named Saint Not! to create a "new modern hero" for the children of the world, but is despised, his evil toys are spurned and the kids praises other heroes before Saint Not!. After seeing this, Saint Not! ask his master for advice to rectify his situation and the computer answers his pleas by elaboring a plan consisting in putting heroes against other heroes by kidnapping their most prized treasures and crushing the remaining lone hero so he can obtain the love of the children and the world. "

Main menu

The main menu has the following choices:

  • Story
  • Versus
  • Team Story
  • Team versus
  • Team Co-op
  • Survival
  • Survival Co-op
  • Training
  • Options
  • Exit


  • Captain Caveman
  • Momasusta
  • Zeus
  • Peter Griffin
  • Sho Nuff
  • Underdog
  • Opera Elmer
  • Popeye
  • Destroyous
  • Duck Dodgers
  • Sorcerer Mickey
  • Marvin the Martian
  • Fat Albert
  • Fly Flea (Hidden above the random select cell)



In order to prevent cheating, the game has all the debug keys turned off but can be turned on by modifying the mugen.cfg file.


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