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Sentry (real name Robert "Bob" Reynolds) is a fictional superhero from Marvel Comics, most well known from the comic series of the same name. He had first appeared in The Sentry #1, which debuted in September 2000.

Half of an evil being called The Void, Sentry wiped the memories of everyone in the Marvel universe in order to stop the monster from attacking. He had suddenly remembered who he was one day, just as The Void was about to attack once more, and so he took off to warn the rest of the heroes. He can manipulate light, has superhuman strength and speed, and can fly. He is not afraid to kill his enemies, flying Carnage up to space and ripping him in half. During the Civil War event, he had chosen Iron Man's side, the pro-registration side.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sentry was made by Acey.

Acey's version


A charge character, this character has an MvC feel to it. It is missing a few things though, as most IMT characters do, that prevent it from being 100% MvC.

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