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Sonic the Hedgehog
Sonic SSBU
Artwork from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate




MUGENHunter's first version
Comodore's edit
Hadoabuser's version
Mugenfan's version
Supermystery's version
LordYamil's version
Prowler083's version
ABAB's version
Plom5-1-00's version
TheJMan's edit
Veanko's version
D10D10D10's version
thecrazyvoid's version
karter's version
Killer_Sonic is currently offline
Kyo Kusanagi's version
Tetsuo9999's version
Sonic Fan2000's edit
JDM's edit
GBA64's version
Abro's version
Supertails5's version
TIS2012's (Fake) version (Alpha 1.0/SHLONIC)
Omega version
SC1614's edit


Sonic the Hedgehog

For the incarnation of this character spawning from the years 1991-1998, see Classic Sonic.

Sonic the Hedgehog is the main protagonist and the eponymous character of the Sonic the Hedgehog series and Sega's current mascot who became a replacement for Sega's former mascot Alex Kidd. He is a 15-year-old blue anthropomorphic hedgehog and is a laid-back and cool-headed character, meant to symbolize peace. Like his name and species would imply, Sonic can run at the speed of sound (and can exceed this), with lightning fast reflexes to match it. He can also curl up into a ball, usually to attack enemies. These are the distinguishing traits that were used to make his character and world-famous video games. His current voice actor is Roger Craig Smith.

His arch-nemesis is Dr. Eggman, but much like Mario and Bowser, Sonic always seems to thwart his plans, no matter how hopeless or dire the situation may be. Sonic's best friend is Tails, who at times acts like a brother to Sonic and aids him in any way he can. Sonic's incarnation during his first games (before his redesign in Sonic Adventure) is given the name of Classic Sonic. When Sonic collects the 7 Chaos Emeralds, he can concentrate and use their power to transform into Super Sonic. Sonic also has an alternate form present only in the game Sonic Unleashed known as Sonic the Werehog.

In M.U.G.E.N, Sonic has been recreated multiple times by multiple creators, with many still in the process of being made. The most commonly known one is Claymizer's second version, but the first one ever made was Neo Sonic.

Claymizer's first version


Unfortunately, Claymizer's first attempt at creating a Sonic the Hedgehog character didn't go over so well. It had non-fluid animations, slightly overpowered moves, and many easy infinites. Despite this, it managed to be one of the more popular versions of Sonic at the time and tied most people over until a second version was created.


Claymizer's second versionEditicon


An update to Claymizer's first Sonic character. Everybody's favourite blue hedgie is back with an all new and balanced moveset. It also sports some edited sprites, Shadow the Hedgehog as a striker, and two different voicepacks. It isn't too hard to identify why this version is more popular than the first.


LordYamil's version


LordYamil's Sonic is loosely based on Marvel vs Capcom gameplay. He can fly by pressing the Button-s, teleport, and charge his super meter manually. Another notable aspect is his brutal, aggressive and very difficult A.I., even on Easy defeating him is more than a challenge. However, this character has severe balance issues, with one of his Level 1 Hypers, the Spinball (600 damage), doing more damage and having more range than his Level 3 Super Sonic Kamehameha (583 damage). This makes it impractical to use any other Hyper other than the Spinball..

ABAB's version


ABAB's version of Sonic is more identical to the way Sonic fights in Sonic Battle. However, he has added attacks that make him quite sharp enough to be considered cheap, as his A.I. is considerably tough. His attacks include Specials and Hypers, and a desperation attack as well.

This version of Sonic has another mode, if Button-s is held while choosing to play as him. In this mode, Sonic has attacks from other various characters from series such as The King of Fighters, an example being Rugal's wallslam or Goenitz's trademark attack which is a tornado that comes up, depending on which button is pushed, slicing the foe if it's in the way. These attacks replace certain other attacks from Sonic's normal mode, making him rather cheap. That includes Specials and Hypers as well as the desperation attack being replaced by different ones.

This character has a 12p mode, for both modes. There is also a mode Button-s+Button-y which combines both normal and alternative modes, but it is not playable.

SeanAltly's version


Possibly the only medium-sized Sonic Battle-based Sonic, this appearance of the blue blur comes from SeanAltly's Capcom vs. The World full game, sporting special monitors that first appeared in the second game of the Genesis trilogy, as well as other attacks from various sources.


Tetsuo9999's version

This Sonic is mostly based on Sonic Battle, having most of his Sonic Battle attacks. He can also transform into Super Sonic with only one button, and if his bar is up to 3 or 2.5 while he is super, he can also use Goku's Kamehameha that takes away a lot of health from himself and his opponent, transforming back to normal form. He doesn't have many Hypers, and can be considered cheap sometimes, as he has a tornado move that he can spam when Super.


Hovering the mouse cursor over the Command Input icons will display text that refers to the inputs set in M.U.G.E.N's Key Config.

Icons encased in square brackets [ Button-D ] require the respective button(s) to be held down. Hovering the mouse cursor over the icon displays the hold duration if applicable.


Name Command Input Properties
Spindash QCF Button-a or
QCF Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Heavy Kick QCB Button-a or
QCB Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Homing Attack
(Air Spindash)
QCF Button-a or
QCF Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Boost Dash Button-y Available during Super Sonic only
Name Command Input Properties
Tornado Button-D+Button-a Available during Super Sonic only
Name Command Input Properties
Homing Teleport Button-b Aironly
Available during Super Sonic only
Name Command Input Properties
Spindash [ Button-D ]+Button-b Available during Super Sonic only


Name Command Input Properties
Super Sonic Button-z or Button-c Requires 500 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Sonic Boom QCF QCF Button-a+Button-b Uses 3000 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Kamehameha Button-z or Button-c Uses 2500 Power
Name Command Input Properties
Super Spindash QCF QCF Button-a or
QCF QCF Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Spindash Slam Combo QCB QCB Button-a or
QCB QCB Button-b
Name Command Input Properties
Chaos Emerald Button-D Button-D Button-D Button-a Counter*

MattTheBiscuit's versionProfanityicon


Possibly the only version of Sonic that doesn't take itself seriously, this version of the blue blur uses sprites from the NES bootleg World Heroes 2, but plays nothing like said game. It adopts a three button layout, Hypers, EX Moves, and tighter comboing, things the NES original lacked.



  • Tetsuo9999's Sonic's victory animation never ends unless you skip it, making it impossible to progress to the next round of a CPU v CPU match.
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