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Suave Dude
Suave Dude
Elecbyte's Suave Dude sprite




Masukenpu-kun's version
A.I. Patch



Suave Dude is a character that serves as the main antagonist of M.U.G.E.N's Arcade mode. He is a rich man who looks rather suave and sophisticated (hence his name), wearing blue jeans, a black shirt and a pair of sunglasses, and lives in a temple with many minions (presumably the characters in the player's M.U.G.E.N roster). He is the mortal enemy of Kung Fu Man and the would-be final boss of M.U.G.E.N should Elecbyte ever make the Suave Dude character.

Long before he served any real purpose, Suave Dude originally appeared in an example image for PCXClean to illustrate its functions, but was seemingly wiped from existence within seconds, with only Kung Fu Man left standing. What truly happened to Suave Dude remains a mystery, but he reappeared a few years later to kidnap Kung Fu Man's Girlfriend, only to disappear once more. He did make an appearance during April of 2002, where he briefly gave up violence, but has not been seen since.

While only the Suave Dude sprite exists, it was originally kept as a tradition by many M.U.G.E.N fans to never make a Suave Dude character in order to keep Kung Fu Man's ending true. Two creators (mmpaperguy and Masukenpu-kun), however, have indeed published their own Suave Dude characters, with the former being an unplayable spriteswap of Eraser, and the latter being similar to Kung Fu Man in play style, though it doesn't use Elecbyte's art style. Rolento (also known as CallMeMrA or IAmManyNinjas) created some additional sprites for him using the Suave Dude sprite from the Kung Fu Man motif as a base, including get hit animations and jump sprites, but not enough for a full character.

Masukenpu-kun's version

Suave stance

Like Kung Fu Man, Suave Dude is a four-button character that uses Button-x, Button-y, Button-a and Button-b as attack buttons, and has Weak, Strong and Fast variants of all its specials.

Suave Dude does not have custom A.I. coded into it, so when it fights, it behaves like Kung Fu Man; fortunately, an A.I. patch by Ironcommando allows him to behave in a similarly tough manner to his Kung Fu Man A.I. patch, though with less combo ability.