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Super Mario Bros. (bonus game)
SMB Bane84
Krusty the Clown playing the bonus game




Bane84's Mugen Creations
AllStars version

Super Mario Bros. (or M-nes game1) is a bonus stage by Bane84. It is based on the NES game Super Mario Bros. It has to be played on the packaged stage.


The stage can not be controlled by a human player, but has the same game map as Super Mario Bros. World 1-1.

The other player gets 3 lives (the picture where Mario is supposed to be on the life counter is replaced with the character's icon) but can gain another by getting the 1-up shroom after the 3rd pipe. These contain either a coin, a super mushroom, (which can give you the ability to break the brick-blocks, and can let the player be hit by an enemy once and not lose a life) a fire flower (fills up 1 power bar). One brick-block near the end hold a starman which give the player invincibility for a short time and kills the enemies he/she runs into. The 3rd pipe also has an optional entrance to get extra coins if the player presses down while on top of it. The player is given 400 seconds to get to the flagpole at the end. If the timer reaches 0 the player loses a life. The player has to be careful not to let any enemies attack him/her. The enemies can be killed by jumping on them or attacking them. The Koopa (the enemy with the green shell) can be jumped on and jumped on again to be kicked and it will ram into other enemies on screen. The player has to be careful not to fall in holes or he/she'll lose a life. If a fire flower is gotten and the player gets hit by an enemy before he/she grabs it it will have the effect of the super mushroom instead. If the last digit in the timer is 1, 2, 3, or 6 when the flagpole is rolled down, when the character goes into the castle, fireworks will shoot from behind the castle. How many fire works depends on the number.


  • Sometimes when the player loses a life, the life icon appears to the right and the player appears in the pipe part if the stage with no way out (the pipe part is at the very end of the stage).
  • If the player walks on top of the block the walking animation of the character will mess up while walking on it.
  • If a floating character (and various other types of characters) try to roll down the flag pole, it will not roll down and the player can't roll it down.
  • If you're on training mode, when you finish the stage, you'll lose a life.
  • If you fall in a hole while still under the starman effect, the icon will flash colors for a few seconds.
  • Some characters, if you punch while under the starman's effect, the sprite will not flash colors.