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  • You just think n00b12 lives in the trash? Well, it's not true! So stop treating n00b12 like that! And n00b12 did nothing wrong to you, what he asked was "what's epic?"! And you immediatly just tell him to go to the trash! That's just so dumb! Go apologize to n00b12 right now! (Disgusted Face)

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    • Something tells me you're n00b12's boyfriend. Go back to the trash can you live in.

      Also, he asked a dumb question relating to my personal text on MFG. It's actually just a dumb meme joke.

      This is the image I was referring to.

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    • DoomBowser
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      22:37, July 1, 2018
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    • Ricepigeon MTG WK

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    • @RMaster007 What? I am not n00b12's boyfriend, I'm his best friend. And I don't live in the trash either, Mr. Everyone Lives in the Trash! (disgusted face)

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    • I assume that you were his lo... er, friend, you both like Kidz Bop, that stupid series of god-awful covers.

      And not sure what's that about, RicePigeon, but okay.

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    • @RMaster007, you hate Kidz Bop, don't you?

      Also, I found this on the Rat-A-Tat Characters MFG Thread

      "Nobody is going to help you make characters from a show nobody knows, or cares, exists.
      Also your avatar gave me cancer" How come you and n00b12 don't get along? Can you at least be friends with him?

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    • @RMaster007 That image wasn't directed at you.

      @Zingan He has a point though; nobody is going to make characters for anyone else without some kind of compensation.

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    • @Ricepigeon I bet n00b12 cares about it. Because He really loves Rat-A-Tat. He is not assisting them to make characters. He is assisting the spriters. @RMaster007 If nobody helps n00b12, tell him that he can wait for a while for others that do want to help, they can vote "Yes" on the Rat-A-Tat Sprite Assisting thread.

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    • n00b12, If you reading this, I can't help you either, But Someone else can help you. I'm not good at spriting, If I make sprites, They will be trashy and nasty. And about your Courage? He's a 7/10 good char to me. Even though it's a little nasty, but really, it's nice work.

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    • More like -7/10. Awful character with stolen sprites and cheap A.I. Worst character 2k17 right there.

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    • He apologized to Wlan, I saw his apology on MFFA. In fact, not only he has Courage, but he also has Android 18, SFA3 and MVC2 versions. He has Teen Gohan, with Street Fighter Voice Lines. He has Toon Link, with Goku Voice Lines. He has Pan one MVC1 and one MVC-EOH, Yuri, He's working on, Coraline, 18 Palswap, Bardock, with n00b12's imagination special called shoyryuken, and Baby Bowser with old guy voice.

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    • A FANDOM user
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