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stupa's version (2009)



Training is a character whose purpose is for debugging and testing characters by displaying various data such as head position, torso position, attack damage, frame advantages and attack distance. It cannot be KO'd through normal means.

Training comes packaged with four different characters that represent small (Prinny), medium (Tenshi Hinanawi & Kung Fu Man) and large (Hugo Andore) characters; by default, Kung Fu Man is used, though this can easily be changed by editing Training.def and directing the sprite (.sff), constants (.cns) and animation (.air) paths to the respective files inside the small, medium and large folders, and while not essential, it is recommended that the palettes are also redirected.

In M.U.G.E.N, Training has been made by stupa. As previously mentioned, it is not an actual character, but rather a method of debugging and testing characters for whatever purpose is desired.

Stupa's version


Rightful to its name, Training replicates the never-ending nature of the Training Mode, with the character refilling its Life constantly and having all of its attacks do no damage whatsoever. The primary purpose of this character is as a debugging tool that is capable of showing various useful information about the opponent.