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  1. People who make lists of things they dislike

My Roster

Jengy's Mugen Roster

Note: The character doesn't have a home stage if it's not listed

Characters who originated from Fighting Games

Street Fighter

  1. P.O.T.S' Ryu, Home Stage: Dark Saviour's Suzaku Castle
  2. Jmorphman's Ken
  3. Jmorphman's Chun-Li
  4. Jmorphman's Guile
  5. P.O.T.S' Nash
  6. KarmaCharmeleon' Blanka
  7. Gal129's Dhalsim
  8. P.O.T.S' E.Honda
  9. Warusaki3's Zangief
  10. P.O.T.S' Dan, Home Stage: Caddie's SFA3 Dan's Stage
  11. P.O.T.S' Sakura
  12. P.O.T.S' Guy
  13. P.O.T.S' Cammy
  14. Jesuszilla's DeeJay
  15. DivineWolf's Sagat
  16. Jesuszilla's M.Bison/Balrog (Boxer)
  17. P.O.T.S' Vega/M.Bison (Dictator)
  18. DivineWolf's Akuma
  19. P.O.T.S' ShinAkuma
  20. GM's Hugo
  21. DivineWolf's Poison
  22. Infinite's Gouken
  23. JMorphman's Rolento
  24. P.O.T.S' Karin
  25. DeathScythe's R. Mika
  26. Jesuszilla's Eagle
  27. GM's Alex
  28. Victorys' Sean
  29. Buckus' Dudley
  30. Warusaki3's Yun
  31. GM's Ibuki
  32. Rajaa's Necro
  33. Rajaa's Urien
  34. DivineWolf's Juli
  35. DivineWolf's Skullomania

King of Fighters

  1. Jmorphman's Kyo
  2. Vans' Iori
  3. Jmorphman's Benimaru
  4. CrazyKoopa/QB's Terry
  5. Infinite's Andy
  6. DivineWolf's Mai
  7. Jmorphman's Kim Kaphwan
  8. Jmorphman's Joe Higashi
  9. Jmorphman's Ryo
  10. Jmorphman's King
  11. POTS' Yuri
  12. POTS' Nakoruru
  13. Victorys' Takuma
  14. Victorys' MrKarate
  15. DivineWolf's Robert
  16. DivineWolf's Rock Howard
  17. Warusaki3's Todo
  18. Infinite's Kain
  19. DivineWolf's Athena
  20. Infinite's B.Jenet
  21. DivineWolf's Kula
  22. Vans' Chizuru
  23. Infinite's Ralf
  24. Infinite's Krauser
  25. Infinite's Billy Kane
  26. Jmorphman's Vice
  27. R@CE's Yamazaki (Edited by me)
  28. Vans' Rugal
  29. POTS' Geese
  30. Infinite's Grant

Mortal Kombat

  1. Scorpion by SeanAlty
  2. SubZero by SeanAlty

The rest of the MK cast is by OmegaPsycho

  1. Reptile
  2. Ermac
  3. Cage
  4. Liu-Kang
  5. Kano
  6. Raiden
  7. Goro
  8. Rain
  9. Baraka
  10. Jax
  11. Kitana
  12. Jade
  13. Mileena
  14. Motaro

Other Fighting Games


  1. Byakko's Jin


  1. Jmorphman's Demitri
  2. P.O.T.S' Morrigan
  3. Jesuszilla's Felicia
  4. P.O.T.S' Lei-Lei
  5. Basara-kun's Bishamon
  6. Beximus' Bulleta
  7. Jesuszilla's Gallon

Rival Schools:

  1. R@CE's Batsu
  2. Li_Kun & Fervicante's Tiffany Lords

Star Gladiator:

  1. Warusaki3's Hayato

MVC originals:

  1. Mouser's Ruby Heart
  2. Kamekaze's Amingo
  3. FerchogtX's Sonson

Guilty Gear:

  1. SeanAlty's Sol Badguy


  1. OHMSBY's Ragna the Bloodedge

Dead or Alive:

  1. Akkin's Kasumi

Samurai Showdown:

  1. R@CE's Haohmaru
  2. R@CE's Rasetsumaru

CFJ Original:

  1. CrazyKoopa's Ingrid

Rage of the Dragons:

  1. Jango's Pupa
  2. Infinite's Oni Inomura

Kensei Shoujo:

  1. Toshio's Hibiki Katagiri

Kakuge Yaro:

  1. Big Eli's Tetsu Yatogi
  2. Basara-kun's Kaasha
  3. Kamek's Reiko Hikari
  4. Gladiacloud's Hashimoto

Slam Masters:

  1. Infinite's El Stingray

Tatoo Assasains:

  1. The Magic Toaster's Deke Cay

Mugen OCs

Andres Borghi's OCs/The Black Heart

  1. Ananzi, Home Stage: The Last Wall
  2. Animus, Home Stage: The Prison
  3. Hashi, Home Stage: The Great Tree
  4. Noroko, Home Stage: Attic
  5. Peketo, Home Stage: Hospital
  6. Shar-Makai, Home Stage: The Desert

DDR's OCs/Dark Street Heroes

  1. Momasusta, Home Stage: Hot Spot
  2. Fly Flea
  3. Destroyous, Home Stage: South Pole

Other OC's

  1. MatttheBiscuit's ADOM
  2. The_None's Aracdboy
  3. Diepod and Jesuszilla's Bluestreak
  4. Daniel9x7's Self-Insert
  5. The_None's Dee Bee Kaw
  6. Reu and P.O.T.S' Dragon Claw
  7. Audizzi's Ella
  8. Dr. Kelexo's Mrs. Fanservice
  9. Daniel9X7's Hong Miling
  10. Big Eli's Blaque
  11. QK2Key's Kazuya
  12. Daniel9X7's Clone Koa
  13. S.Y.D and DivineWolf's Kung Fu Girl, Home Stage: Mountainside Temple
  14. Elecbyte and Jenngra505's Kung Fu Man, Home Stage: Mountainside Temple
  15. The_None's Evil Kung Fu Man, Home Stage: Mountainside Temple
  16. Masukenpu-kun's Suave Dude, Home Stage: Mountainside Temple
  17. The_None's Magic Geese
  18. Madoldcrow1105's Markerman
  19. Daniel9X7's Patoelietoe
  20. The_None's Possesd Heita
  21. RoySquadRocks' Retro Suika, Home Stage: OldGamer's Suika Gaming Room
  22. Rikard's Self-Insert
  23. The_None's Segalow
  24. The_None's Shadow Kouma
  25. Hato and Daniel9X7's Sendai Hakurei no Miko
  26. Rikard's Slightly Pissed Off Ryu
  27. Hadouabuser's Time Flux Sonic
  28. Dr. Kelexo's Trouble Man
  29. MelvanainChains and The_None's Ultima Morton Combat Duology Shang Tsung

Characters that appeared in Fighting Games

Dragon Ball Z

Note: All DBZ content is by Team Z2.

  1. Goku, Home Stage: Goku's Home
  2. Super Saiyan Goku, Home Stage: Namek
  3. Gohan, Home Stage: Neko Majin's Gathering
  4. Gotenks, Home Stage: Hyperbolic Time Chamber
  5. Vegeta, Home Stage: Stormy Planet (Saiyan Pride)
  6. Majin Vegeta, Home Stage: Satan City - Sunset
  7. Tien Shinhan
  8. Piccolo, Home Stage: Kami's Lookout Eclipse
  9. Mr. Satan, Home Stage: Tenkaichi Budokai
  10. Freeza, Home Stage: Dying Namek
  11. Majin Buu, Home Stage: Kami's Lookout


  1. Buckus' Captain America
  2. Erradicator's Iron Man (Edited by me), Home Stage: Primeop's Hall of Armor
  3. Kamekaze's Hulk
  4. Loganir's Thor
  5. FerchogtX's Spiderman, Home Stage: Master Yoda's Daily Bugle Rooftop
  6. Big Eli King's Venom
  7. Loganir's Sandman
  8. Loganir's Electro
  9. Sander71113's Wolverine
  10. Loganir's Cyclops
  11. Infinite's Cable
  12. DivineWolf's Psylocke
  13. Gladiacloud and Beximus' Jubilee
  14. Buckus' Gambit
  15. Infinite's Deadpool (Edited by me)
  16. Buckus' Marrow
  17. Victorys' Juggernaut
  18. FerchogtX's Magneto
  19. ZVitor's Mr. Fantastic (Edited by me)
  20. Warner's The Thing
  21. Infinite's Dr.Doom
  22. Basara-Kun's Shuma-Gorath


  1. SeanAlty's Megaman
  2. aznperson569M's Zero
  3. Bugya's Dante
  4. Bugya's Vergil
  5. DivineWolf's Jill Valentine
  6. Kamekaze and Balmsold's Frank West
  7. Gladiacloud's Arthur
  8. Warusaki3's Captain Commando
  9. Splode's Strider Hiryu
  10. Gladiacloud's Ton Pooh
  11. Gladiacloud's Michelle Heart
  12. Gladiacloud and Beximus' Saki


  1. Cybaster's Batman
  2. Mr. Giang's Joker
  3. SeanAlty's Superman
  4. Rajaa's Supergirl
  5. Loganir's Wonder Woman


Note: All 2hous with no creator mentioned are by Ricepigeon.

  1. Reimu Hakurei, Home Stage: Hakurei Shrine (Day)
  2. Marisa Kirisame, Home Stage: Forest Of Magic
  3. Eirin Yagokoro, Home Stage: Megamari Eirin's stage.def
  4. Reisen Udonge Inaba, Home Stage: Bamboo Forest of the Lost (Night)
  5. Kanako Yasaka, Home Stage: Cemetery of Onbashira
  6. Sanae Kochiya, Home Stage: Moriya Shrine
  7. Cirno, Home Stage: Shore of Misty Lake
  8. Komachi Onozuka, Home Stage: Sanzu River
  9. Fujiwara no Mokou, Home Stage: Bamboo Forest of the Lost (Day)
  10. Yukari Yakumo, Home Stage: Hakurei Shrine (Boundary)
  11. Chen, Home Stage: Untrodden Valley
  12. Alice Margatroid, Home Stage: Alice's House
  13. RoySquadRocks' Shanghai Doll, Home Stage: Alice's House
  14. Mamizou Futatsuiwa, Home Stage: Field of Tanuki
  15. Yuuka Kazami, Home Stage: Flower Land
  16. Youmu Konpaku, Home Stage: Hakugyoukuro - Graveyard
  17. Suika Ibuki
  18. Yuyuko Saigyouji, Home Stage: Hakugyokurou
  19. Koishi Komeji, Home Stage: The Palace of Earth Spirits
  20. Hong Meiling, Home Stage: Scarlet Devil Mansion - Front Gate
  21. Lie Meiling, Home Stage: Hakurei Shrine (Burning)
  22. Patchouli Knowledge, Home Stage: Scarlet Devil Mansion Library
  23. Sakuya Izayoi, Home Stage: Scarlet Devil Mansion Clock Tower.def
  24. Daniel9X7's Koakuma
  25. Remilia Scarlet, Home Stage: Scarlet Devil Mansion Lobby
  26. Flandre Scarlet, Home Stage: Scarlet Devil Mansion - Basement
  27. Ichirin Kumoi, Home Stage: Palanquin Ship - Exterior
  28. Byakuren Hijiri, Home Stage: Palanquin Ship - Interior
  29. Utsuho Reiuji, Home Stage: Catwalk in Geyser
  30. Mima

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

  1. Infinite's Jotaro Kujo
  2. Warusaki3's Black Polnareff
  3. Warusaki3's Dio Brando
  4. Warusaki3's Vanilla Ice

Tsukihime/Melty Blood

  1. Rajaa's Shiki Tohno
  2. Rajaa's Arceuid
  3. Rajaa's Warchia

Big Bang Beat:

  1. Infinite's Rouga Zanma

Star Wars:

  1. DJ_Hannibalroyce's Luke Skywalker


All by Dcat

  1. Leonardo
  2. Raphael
  3. Donatello
  4. Michelangelo

Power Rangers

  1. Alexei Roschak's Red Ranger

Sailor Moon

All by NapoleonJoanmite

  1. Sailor Moon
  2. Sailor Mercury
  3. Sailor Mars
  4. Sailor Jupiter
  5. Sailor Venus
  6. Sailor Mini Moon
  7. Sailor Pluto
  8. Sailor Uranus
  9. Sailor Neptune
  10. Sailor Saturn


  1. OHMSBY's Ruby Rose

Blade Strangers

  1. RoySquadRocks' Shovel Knight

Bosses and Bonus Stages

  1. Dcat's Krang
  2. K.Y-Shanxi's Bowser (Edited by me)
  3. Atari Dragon
  4. Fygar
  5. Omega Tiger Woods by The_None
  6. Dcat's Shredder
  7. Andres Borghi's FINAL
  8. DJ Hannibalroyce's Ditto
  9. DJ Hannibalroyce's TPP Omanyte (Edited by me)
  10. NeoKamek's Hyper-Neo Kamek
  11. Veanko's Chaos
  12. The_None's Sentro
  13. The_None's Skullman
  14. OmegaPsycho's Shang Tsung
  15. N64Mario's Master Hand
  16. Team Z2's Babadi
  17. MadOldCrow1105's Scolipede
  18. GM's Gill
  19. NeoKamek's Zeeky H. Bomb
  20. The_None's Missingno
  21. The_None's Thanos
  22. Tokage's Kyouki (Edited by me)
  23. The_None's Giygas
  24. P.O.T.S' Duck Hunt
  25. Mercedes Benz by Multiple Creators
  26. P.O.T.S' Catwalk
  27. N64Mario's Castle Calamity
  28. Team Z2's Saibamen
  29. Choujin's Biohazard
  30. BK's Cookie Clicker
  31. NeoKamek's Break the Targets
  32. PlasmoidThunder's Yee

Favorite creators and the creations that make me like them

  1. P.O.T.S. (Rare Akuma, Bison, Ryu, E. Honda, Akuma, and Duck Hunt)
  2. Jmorphman (Ken, Chun-Li, and Guile)
  3. The None (Dee Bee Kaw, Segalow, Shadow Kouma, Shaq, Jesse, Beavis, and Butt-head)
  4. Andres Borghi (Peketo, Hashi, Shar-Makai, Ananzi, Animus and Final)
  5. Cybaster (Goku, SSJ Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and Batman)
  6. NeoKamek (Kamek, Zeeky H. Bomb, Reiko Hikari, and Break the Targets)
  7. Madoldcrow1105 (Spongebob, Finn with Jake, Princess Bubblegum, Mordecai, Dudley Puppy, Rigby, Kitty Katswell, and Markerman)
  8. PlasmoidThunder (Yee)
  9. Daniel9x7 (Daniel and Clone Koa)

Releases I'm waiting for

  1. Donkey Kong, Mimikyu, and Hitmovies by DJ_Hannibalroyce
  2. Wario by RobotMonkeyHead
  3. Kirby by OHMSBY
  4. Krillin, Goku Black, and Perfect Cell by Z2 Team
  5. Powerpuff Girls by OmegaPsycho
  6. Grim and Dexter update by FelixMario2011
  7. Cartoon Guy Revamped by MrPR1993
  8. Other releases by creators that made stuff in my roster I forgot to mention

Things I'm doing in Mugen

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