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Characters Currently Released

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JenngraKukiIdle - Numbuh 3 (Last update 05/02/2020)

Mickey's Speedway USA - Mickey's Speedway (Last update 10/22/2019)

JenngraMargeIdle - Krumping Marge (Last update 04/02/2019)

Cali Bear - Cali Bear

JenngraTingleIdle - Tingle A.I Patch for Spriteclub

Edits from a time long past

Super Mario 64 - Super Mario 64

JenngraMarvinidle - Marvin the Martian

CaptCaveIdle - Captain Caveman

PopeyeDDRIdle - Popeye

JenngraFatAlbertIdle - Fat Albert

JenngraUnderdogIdle - Underdog

JenngraHKPhooeyIdle - Hong Kong Phooey

JenngraUncleJobelIdle - Brergrsart's Joel

Characters Under Development

JenngraNigelIdle - Numbuh 1: 2% complete (Top Priority)

Characters On Hold

Metalmanhv8 - Metalman for Robot Master Mayhem: 99% complete (Transferred to O Illusionista)

ClayKirbyIdle - Kirby (Placeholder sprites): 15% complete (Looking for a spriter)

Full Games Under Development

Crossover Combat: 1 character under development

Ideas I most likely will get to

TqlhHZC.png - Harry Potter

wEFyCIs.gif - Timmy Turner

8w2YgNg.gif - Bugs Bunny

KishioRonaldIdle - Ronald McDonald

Ideas that I might get too but it's not likely

A parody of self-inserts

Godly Grimace (A parody of Dark Donald that also references a shitty in-joke)

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