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It's been the subject of debate for quite a while now. Yes, it's the Cheapie/Cheapo War thing. I have some pleasing/disappointing news to bring forth.

Due to knowledge of a certain type of cheapie known as Postman that alters the files on your computer in a similar manner to malware, I cannot run the risk of such characters being added to this wiki.

"But hang on! How will you be able to prevent them from being added? Surely you won't..."

Yes. I've come to the decision that all types of cheapie are hereby forbidden from being added to the wiki in an attempt to prevent this site's users and viewers from accidentally downloading these characters without knowing what they might do. This may come as a shock to those who create cheapies and share them here, but it's something I have to do. We cannot run the risk of viruses being placed on this site.

"But that's easily fixable! Just warn people that at least one version of the character is malware!"

No. I'm pretty sure Wikia wouldn't appreciate us linking to viruses, given that they're the ones hosting this site, and they can ever so easily shut us down. I don't want that to happen, and I'm sure many users feel the same way.

So that's that. Of course, trusted characters that currently reside on the site such as A-Bomb and Angle Draw Sphere can stay. Of course, there may still be malware characters on this site, so if you know of their existence, please remove them.

That is all.

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