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  • UltimateX's version

War Machine
Infinity War War Machine
Artwork from Avengers: Infinity War (2018)



Oldest version

Akiraz's version (2000)

Newest version

Kong's version (2008)



James Rhodes, better known as War Machine, is a character from the Marvel Comics universe, first appearing in Iron Man.

Rhodes was a lieutenant in the United States Marine Corps and a close personal friend of Tony Stark, who would later become his personal pilot and chief aviation engineer for Stark Industries. Rhodes would later be forced to don Stark's Iron Man armor after Stark turned to alcoholism due to his company's debt, temporarily assuming the identity of Iron Man to fight against the supervillain known as Magma. In order to counter the Masters of Silence's new technology that made them immune to the armor's repulsor & unibeam weapons, Stark would develop a new model of the armor for Rhodes to use; this model was more heavily armored and used more conventional weaponry such as rockets and flamethrowers. Rhodes would eventually keep this new armor, adopting the name "War Machine" and going on a solo superhero career, teaming up with Stark on occasion.

In M.U.G.E.N, War Machine has been made by various creators.

Akiraz's version


This version of Rhodes' alter ego seems to be somewhat poorly ripped from Marvel vs. Capcom, but at least shows a bit of effort from the creator, as it still is able to preform all of its moves from the source and use some combos, albeit very limited ones.


War Machine's version


Apparently, it seems as if War Machine coded itself for M.U.G.E.N. If that was true, that wouldn't change the fact that this version seems to deviate from Marvel vs. Capcom quite a bit; the core gameplay may be similar, but it can summon three key members of the Avengers. There also seem to be some sneaky infinites.


One Winged Angel's version


A rather accurate portrayal of both War Machine's first Marvel vs. Capcom appearance as well as its Sunday best.


Kong's versionEditicon


This version attempts to be close to Marvel vs. Capcom 2, but it is muddled with several notable inaccuracies. Sporting an expanded list of Specials and Hypers, the commands for Rhodes' old retained moves have been altered somewhat. Likewise, other Kong tropes apply here.



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