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Loganir  Erradicator 


Oldest version

Loganir's version (2007)

Newest version

ZVitor's Version (2017)


DC comics

Wonder Woman is a fictional superhero created by DC Comics. Her portrayal as a hero fighting for love, justice, peace, and gender equality has led to her being considered as an icon for feminism.

Born Princess Diana of Themyscira, she is an Amazon, possessing superhuman powers and superior skills in combat. The gods of Mount Olympus hearing the pray of the Amazon, Queen Hippolyta, granted her a child with various mystical powers. Her daughter later became a warrior princess of the Amazons, and the super-heroine known as Wonder Woman. When she left Themyscira, the gods also granted her special weapons, like the unbreakable Lasso of Truth and the indestructible bracelets created from the remains of Zeus` Aegis Shield. She regularly appears in the superhero team, the Justice League, which featured a roster of DC's most popular characters.

In M.U.G.E.N, Wonder Woman has been created three times by Loganir, Erradicator and ZVitor

Loganir's version


Custom-sprited by Loganir, Wonder Woman is a fast Marvel vs. Capcom-styled character with an emphasis on close-combat. Its A.I. is quite aggressive and makes use of the character's many abilities, especially AMAZON AEGIS, which counters projectiles. This is one tough Amazon princess.

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