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Peek (left) and Oro (right) as they appear in the Italian dub of Dinosaur Adventure



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GarchompMatt's version (2015)

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GarchompMatt's version (2015)


Dinosaur Adventure

Yee is an Internet meme based around two characters from the German animated film Dinosaur Adventure, by Dingo Pictures. It involves Peek, an Ankylosaurus, singing a small jingle before getting interrupted by a Tyrannosaurus named Oro shouting "Yee!", to which Peek responds with an expression of disapproval.

The term "Yee" comes from one of the lines spoken in the Italian dub of the film by Oro in response to Peek's hurtful words directed towards Tio, a child dinosaur that the story follows. Peek states that Tio's parents will no longer care for him because of their newborn baby, which Oro dismisses entirely, proceeding to complain at Peek for thinking such a thing; "Yee" is the first thing Oro says, though in the English dub, he says "Peek".

In M.U.G.E.N, Yee has been made by GarchompMatt. It was released as an April Fools' Day joke under the guise of a completely remade version of his Rotom character and functions like a boss character of sorts that can only be controlled by the A.I.

GarchompMatt's version


Originally released as an April Fools' Day joke disguised as a remake of GarchompMatt's Rotom character, Yee consists of both Peek and Oro; Peek does the singing and takes the hits while Oro does the interrupting and the attacking. Don't set M.U.G.E.N's difficulty to Hard 8 though—that'd be a catastrophYee.

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