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Zeeky H. Bomb
Zeeky H. Bomb as it appears in The Demented Cartoon Movie



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NeoKamek's version (2006)

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NeoKamek's version (2006)


The Demented Cartoon Movie

The Zeeky H. Bomb (sometimes shortened to Zeeky or Zeeky Bomb) is a wall-eyed cartoon bomb with a giant red triangular mouth, originating from The Demented Cartoon Movie by Brian Kendall.

The Zeeky Bomb appears as a running gag throughout various scenes in the movie, usually from intruding in on mundane events, before reciting the phrase "Zeeky Boogy Doog!" and detonating itself in a gigantic, yet crudely drawn, nuclear explosion. The "Zeeky words", as the phrase has become known as within the film, will trigger a spontaneous explosion if spoken by anyone, not just the Zeeky Bomb itself; a subplot in one scene of the movie explores this concept, as two stickmen repeatedly attempt to reach Mars to destroy the source of the Zeeky Bombs so that the Zeeky words can be safely uttered. Although finally successful in destroying the Zeeky H. Bomb generator, further utterance of the phrase only results in additional nuclear explosions, comically rendering their entire journey pointless. By the end of the film, the Earth is destroyed a total of 14 times, with a majority of these occurrences resulting from someone uttering the Zeeky words.

In M.U.G.E.N, Zeeky H. Bomb has been made by NeoKamek, where the character is a sprited version of its movie counterpart and attacks only through strikers that represent other characters featured in the movie.

NeoKamek's versionEditicon


A character with so many helpers, it doesn't even need to lift a proverbial finger. Spamming helpers and causing explosions are what this character does best, with all its elements inspired directly from the flash cartoon. Beware the Zeeky Words.

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