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终极奇美拉是一种有着像小蝙蝠的翅膀,一个箭头般的尾巴 is a beast with tiny-bat like wings, a pointed tail, horns, and very reptilian characteristics. It has a tiny bird on its back whose function is apparently to reactivate it. The Ultimate Chimera was created by Dr. Andonuts in the Chimera Laboratory to be the ultimate killing machine, but it went rogue before he could destroy its last weakness, an off-button on its back. It is first encountered in the Chimera Laboratory, where Lucas has a terrifying experience with it, since when it catches his party,两秒后,you go to the "Game Over" screen. There is a second encounter in Porky's restroom maze in the Empire Porky building, when the Ultimate Chimera appears to be using a male toilet. If you knock the door thrice, it will burst out and attack Lucas' party, also causing them to game over.

M.U.G.E.N,终极奇美拉Ultimate Chimera has been made by N64Mario. 它的设计和攻击 are based on how it appears in the New Pork City stage in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


终极奇美拉只有一种攻击,他的招牌撕咬,which will send most characters bouncing off the screen boundaries and hit the screen before plummeting out of sight, KO'ing him/her/it on immediate execution of said attack. 他没有攻击判定,使他无法被通常的角色击败,但是像查克·诺里斯这样的角色 with certain reversals at their disposal 可以actually K.O.终极奇美拉。


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